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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Woman catches husband having sxx with their daughter-in-law

A Zimbabwe woman lost it
when she caught her
husband in bed with their
Lissa Kadhimbo (40) had
long suspected that her
builder husband Thomas
Karima (48) was playing
away and when she was
given an address of his
love nest she was not
prepared for what she saw.
"When I heard about the
infidelity I came to this
house and asked kids
playing outside if they had
seen the builder because
he is well known here.
They said he had left. But I
knew he was in. I went to
the door and shouted 'Baba
Hezi come out of the
"Nothing happened and
then I went to the window
and peeped through a gap.
I was so shocked to see my
husband naked with our
daughter-in-law. In fury I
screamed at him for daring
to sleep with his son's wife.
He said he was not doing
anything of that sort, he
had brought groceries for
her. The funny thing was
they were both scrambling
to put on some clothes as
he denied sleeping with
her," she said adding that
she then forced herself
into the room and began
assaulting the cheaters.
The daughter-in-law fled
half naked. Unfortunately a
crowd had gathered and
they grabbed her and
brought her back into the
house. She admitted
bedding her father-in-law.
"I was pained to the core
for my husband to sleep
with our eldest son's wife.
It would have been better if
he had slept with any other
woman," she said.
It turned out that the
daughter-in-law, Caroline
Mudzamiri (21) had left her
husband, Funny Karima
(28) in Hurungwe, saying
she was going to look for a
job in Karoi. But she had
already hooked up with her
father-in-law who found
her a room in Chiyedza.
The in-laws also stayed in
the same suburb.
After the affair was
rumbled there are now
claims that the pair had
been sleeping together for
sometime. In fact some said
he started seeing Caroline
first before his son married
The son was called after
the pair were caught and
he refused to speak to his
father. His wife fled to her
rural home. The cheating
father refused to speak to
"Talk to my wife. She is the
one I wronged. Please do
not write about this
because if you do my son
might never want to speak
to me again," he pleaded.
His wife said she was not
going to divorce her
husband because of a
loose daughter-in-law. She
said her son would have to
make his own decision,
regarding his marriage.

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