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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to Extract all your Images from your PDF File Online

So you got a PDF file from your friend or the internet and you are
planning to use all the images embed in that file in some other
project maybe you want to Photoshop all those images andremove
watermarkfrom images and then post them back into a single PDF file,
well an online tool is capable of extracting all your images from your
PDF file and even combing all your images into a single PDF File.

So now whatever the scenario is you have an awesome tool that will
work the way you would like it too work for you. So now lets see how
you can easily extract all images from a single PDF File online.


2.Now just drag the PDF file from which you would like to extract all
your images.

3.Now just wait till it processes your file and then it will give you
the direct download link to your .zip file that contains all your

So now using this method you can easily extract your images from any
PDF file, now sometimes there could be some situations you wanna
combine all your images into a single PDF File, well you can do that
too using another online tool.

Converting Images into a Single PDF File
So now if you would like to convert all your images into a single PDF
File, you can do that using another tool provided by this same


2.Now simply drag all your images from your computer to the website
and wait till it processes your request.

3.Now you will get link to your PDF file, simply click to download it.

So now guys now you know how to extract and combine all your images
from or into any PDF file.

So now enjoy using this tricks, Peace !!!

How To Trace Any Number Locations & Owners Name

It's really been a while I engage us with some security tips but this
evening, I'll show you how to track a particular number with name and
its' location.

I'll teach you how to detect all this unethical lies during phone
conversations regarding the callers locations and name.
Anybody identity is very easy to trace online right to where they live
with their house address including their real names.
I'll just show you the basic way of doing this without reaching
forward for the advance since this tutorial is men't for security

How To Track Any Number Locations and User Name
Before I begin, truecaller is a very powerful application that allow
you to search for any business, financial institution or individual
names with their exact location and number.

==>visit trucaller website
( ), select
your country and enter your phone number in the search bar
==>Sign in with your FBor GooglePlus account

==>Once you've sign in, you can then check out any number you want to
track or trace.

Where Can I Download The App?
This app is available for all mobile device, just go to from your phone internet browser

==>click on download and your download will begin.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter - Christ Arose!

Happy Easter - Christ Arose!

Happy Easter to you all
GWB lovers !
May this Easter take away every burden in your life! May it bring
abundant joy and God's unending mercy in your life! For all those
searching for the fruit of womb, may you receive it! And to all those
searching for husband or wife, received it! For those searching for
promotion and salary increment receive it! For those who want to
travel abroad receive it!
For those who wants admission and academic success
receive it!
For those searching for job receive it! and for those positive things
you wish I may have neglected, receive it in the mighty name of Jesus

Happy Easter!

How To Convert/Install Any Java/Symbian App On An Android Device

Let me show you guys
"how you can install any java or symbian (jad, jar or sis) application
on your Android device" with ease .

I know so many people might have been wanting to install a
symbian app on their Android device but don't know how to go about it;
that is why this tutorial is created.


1. PC
2. Internet Connection
3. Good brain

How Can I Download Symbian or Java App On My Android Phone?

1. Download the application you want to convert (jar,jad, or sis) on your PC

2. Go to you
will see different upload options

3. Select the option that best suite what you want.

4. Click on get apk and the file will be downloaded directly to your pc shapaly.

5. Once you have downloaded the file
to your pc, you can then transfer it to your android device and use it
as occasion serves you.

It's so easy, simple and a calculated tutorial for java, symbian
lovers who are using androids device.


For the owners of any TECNO phone (D5 and all
Phantoms) supported by ETISALAT promo of
100MB, I have found a solution to the promo. You
can only receive the 100MB monthly if you
subscribe to any of their data plans.

So for those who subscribed to the BIS that was
recently blocked, just text HIGH to 8186 on your
TECNO phone via the Etisalat sim.
This has been tested working by me.

Friday, April 18, 2014

EASTER - Airtel Free Browsing Tweaks!


Configure your device as:



8080 5.211.1:1080

socket://82.145.21 1.1:1080


Remember 2 tick remove port remove port

GOBE – Airtel Reduced BIS Data Cap To 1.5GB

The airtel network I sometimes appraise has now turn into an infected
network. I just can't believe that airtel will reduce their bis data

A dude was complaining bitterly today in a popular forum about his sad
experience with airtel bis.

The last time I activated my airtelBIS, it got finished in two days;
now airtel is turning into something I can't understand.
The most annoying part is that they wipe data anyhow as if they are
sucking breast milk.

However, if you really want to enjoy surfing online and the value of
your money, I'll suggest you give MTN night plana trial; except if the
network strength is not good in your area.

I lately posted how you can make it surf during the day time after
you've exhausted the extra 1.5gb using a vpn; but even without using
any vpn, it will still work using a simple trick.

#Tips :Don't switch off your data after usage and it will continue to
surf anytime anywhere during the day time.
Remember, that MtnNight plan is as at now the cheapest plan for android.
If you are using a BB10 I guess you know the best data plan sweetable
for you and not airtel plan. With Glo Comonth, your 3Gig is sure and
that you can share it to any of your device.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MAGIC: Alternative Way To Browse For Free On you Mtn

You knw wah ah mean naw buh for dose dat do not av upto #250, here's
another step to take cos ah knw fingers are not equal…

Below Are Steps To Activate Yours.
It 100% Working so mind ur speech.

1. Transfer #150 to ur mtn line after that, make sure you are on MTN
Pulse but if you are not on MTN Pulse join now by dail *406#

2. Send 112 to 131 they will deduct N150 from your account, don't worry.

3. Switch to any browser and start browsing.
Note: don't download when browsing.
After 24hrs download anything you wanna download.

4. When you have been disconnected, send 109 to 131 and ignore the
respond, off your phone and on it back send reset to 131 and keep on

Start browsing free and download till your memory card is full.

MTN Glo Airtel And Etisalat Android Manual Internet Configuration

Today,I am sharing with you guys,how you can
manually setupEtisalat,Glo,Airtel and MTNinternet settingson your
Android phone or tab likeSamsung,HTC,LG or TecnoAndroid phone. You
must know theAPNi.eAccess Point Name of Etisalat,Glo,MTN and Airtelfor
you to be able to configure your Android for internet.

How Do I configureInternet Settings On my Android Phone or tab?

Tap Menu or Apps ==> Tap Settings ==>Tap Wireless and NetworksorMore
SettingsIf you tapped Wireless and Networks,tapMobile NetworksIf you
tapped More Settings,tap Mobile Networks => Mobile Data ==> Tap Access
Point name ==> Press Menu (looks like four horizontal
lines,a square within a square or the word Menu) ==> Then select a New
APN==> This is where you
will enter the specific internet settings of the mobile
network you want to configure on
your Android device.

Now,let me assume you want to configure Glo
Mobile GPRS settings on your Android. Just key in
the details below:

Name: Glo Nigeria
APN: gloflat
or glosecure
Proxy: Port:
Username: flat
Password: flat
Server: MMSC:
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port:
Authentication type:
APN Type:
Then Press"Menu"and select"Save"==> Press on the grey box or circle to
the right of "Glo Nigeria" and it will fill in with a smaller green
dot or tick mark.
That's all.

NOTE: Enable data access over Mobile network is ticked. If you look
closely at the settings above,you
will notice that you entered only the
Name,APN,Username and Password while leaving
the others parameters untouched.
The four parameters are the main settings you
need to configure to make your android phone or
tab to browse with the mobile network of your

Below are the3G/GPRSAndroid Internet Settings forMTN,Glo.Airtel and
Etisalat Nigeria

1. MTN 3G/GPRS Internet settings for Android

Name:MTN Nigeria
Username: web
Password: web

2. Glo Mobile Internet settings for Android

Name:Glo Nigeria
APN: gloflat or glosecure
Username: flat
Password: flat

3. Airtel Internet Settings for Android

Name:Airtel Nigeria
Username: internet
Password: internet

4. Etisalat Internet Settings for Android

Name:Etisalat Nigeria
APN: etisalat

That's all Assuming you have already purchased or
subscribed to a mobile data plan of your preferred
mobile network,you should be able to connect to
the internet after you successful manual
configuration of your Android device.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mtn Weekly 25MB Now Upgraded To 150MB

To all die hard fanns of Mtn Nigeria, who have refused to give up on
that network鈥� Mtn Nigeria has breaking news for you according to what
they posted on their twitter handle, that weekly 25mb has now been
upgraded to 150mb @N500 only.

So be informed that it鈥檚 no longer 25mb but 150mb should in-case
you鈥檝e been using it on your Nokia Phones or Android.

To activate it, just text 103 to 131 and it will be up and running. My hands are
still crossed earnestly expecting a better plan for Android users.

Happy Surfing!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cheat: How To Use Airtel BIS on Android

This post was written to handle the issue of not
been able to use Airtel BIS anymore on Android
has it used to be functional and was the best plan
for the Android users as Airtel gives you 81mb for
just #100. Suddenly the plan just stopped working and
this has really caused so many troubles as guys have been
very anxious of what to do next in order to start browsing
back on their Android phones.

I have so many Suggestions to what to do to help this out
so that all android users can get back on track and start
browsing with plans that are cheap and affordable as thats
what really rocks, continue reading as i unveil some
network plans that rocks like hell.

The first on my list that i have tested and still working well
is the Glo Bounce plan, the plan gives you 30Mb for every
recharge of #200 you make everyday. This is cool and easy
and will keep you online for seven days. you can just load
the #200 in multiple times and you also get the mb in
multiple times.

Note: To use the MB allocated to you in this plan you will
have to send PAYU to 127 first, and then make sure you
are using the Glo flat access point Dial or better still, you
can setup your access point like this :

Account Name: gloflat
Access Point Name (APN): gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

How To Migrate To Glo Bounce Tariff Plan
The migration is quite easy and simple just dial *170*4#
and you will be migrated to Glo bounce asap. Awesome!!!

The second plan on my list which i'm also erocking is the
MTN Night plan, this plan is cool and okay as it gives
you a total of 4.5Gb. the 4.5Gb is as a result of a 3Gb
meant for night browsing and 1.5Gb meant for browsing
during the day as a bonus.
You can Migrate to the MTN nigt plan by loading a
recharge worth #2500 and the by sending 102 to 131 or by
dialing *102#.
Lets leave airtel for a while and lets use the other networks
that are still on track.

Lets flow drop your comments about any other plan you
are currently using, ask questions where things are not
clear and please share this write up with your friends.

Airtel BIS still working for android and other devices

If you subscribed to airtel BIS lately and you checked your
data balance only to see 10MB only after being charged
1500, dont panic you still have your 2GB intact.

Airtel recently changed the code for checking BIS data
balance normally you will see your BIS data balance via
dialing *141*712*0# but now this will only show the
normal data balance and not BIS data balance.
I really dont know why they didnt communicate the
changes to their subscribers, the new code to check your
data balance for BIS is

Note also the Airtel BIS Plan that gives 2Gb data for 1500
Naira is still working very well on all devices so forget
about all the rumors that it has been stopped.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

TRICK:- How to Download Unlimitedly With MTN Sim Card.....

Follow The steps below
and Enjoy
Unlimitedly for Free.

Do u knw dat u can
browse till u ar tired
without spending a dime??

On ur MTN line,
borrow #50 credit from
MTN [make sure
u dnt av any money on
the sim or the
money must not be up to
#50] by dailing
*606# latter press 2,
press 1. Dats all.
[ or follow the machine
U will be credited with #50,
check ur
balance u wil see #-50.
Call but make sure that u
did not finish
the money.

||Here comes the Tweak::
Open ur browser and
browse till u ar
tired or at times after
5hrs The service
will deactivate u[ not
The solution:
Just load #100, Mtn will
deduct their
#50, use d remaining #50
and borrow
#50 again.
We all knw dat on a
normall ground, u
cant use #50 to browse
for 10min alone.
Download All That Needs
to be

How to Download Paid Android Games & Applications For Free

This post is exclusively for Android users who are addicted to Games
and Applications. The post will explain 3 different best ways on how
you can get Paid Android Games and Applications for free, which are as

1.File sharing Websites:- The best way to download Android games and
applications for
free is through file sharing websites. The files to be downloaded on
those websites was done by Android users who download or buy paid
applications and upload them in file sharing websites. The best
popular file sharing websites are:

Out of all the File Sharing Websites, I recommend 4shared, It simply
the best and most popular with loads of cool Applications and Games.

Steps To Download Paid Applications From Those Websites

1. Just log on to any of the above listed websites

2. Type the application name you want to
download for free in their search bar and

3. Add the extension of" .apk" e.g For example, if you want to
download ADWLauncher EX (A paid app in Google play Store), type Adw
launcher ex .apk and press enter. The results will then be viewed.
From the results, click the latest uploaded file and download it. Once
the .apk file is downloaded, transfer it to your phone with a USB
cable and install it on your phone.

Note: You can also download 4shared application from the market
instead of searching applications
on the web, you can use it directly to download any files.

2.BlackMart Alpha App:- BlackMart Alpha is an Android application
itself, used for downloading
paid applications for free. You need to search for BlackMart Alpha in
the above mentioned file
sharing sites, Search results will appear, Locate and Download this
application, Transfer and install it on your Smart phone. After
installation, open the BlackMart Alpha application, It has the same
design like that of the Android Market App on your Smart phone. A list
of applications will appear in it.
You can also use the search option to search and download a paid
application for Free with
BlackMart Alpha. The price of the specified or searched application
will strike out. Click on download and install it
directly to your Smart phone for free.

Note: Don't update any application you downloaded from BlackMart Alpha
as there are chances that it might corrupt that application.

3.Paying for Application in Android Market: - The last tip, which is
most reliable and the best way
to download the paid application is by paying for an application in
the Android market. To use this option you should have a good file
explorer application like ASTRO File Manager and ES File Explorer.
Install ES File Explorer or ASTRO File Manager If you
don't have it yet on your Phone, Go to Android
market and purchase any application.
Within 15 minutes of the trial period you can get the full refund if
you cancel the order.
The application gets downloaded to your Smart phone. Open ES file
explorer, Click on Options >> Manager
>> App Manager.
Go to list of installed applications and click on the application you
just purchased and click on the backup. The application backup will be
made in the backup folder of your SD card.
Once the backup is made, cancel the order from the Google Play Store
and install it from the backup folder again. Your money will be
refunded after
you cancel the order. So these are the Surest Way I have been using to
download any Paid Applications for free.


Hope this information helps? If it works for you, don't forget to
Comment here and remember to Click Share buttons for the benefit of
others and to appreciate our effort.

Friday, April 11, 2014

What is Android Rooting?

The Android phone that you are using is running an operating system
that was designed for commercial and private use. Like most any
operating system, several features have been disabled, either for
future use or to prevent the casual user from causing permanent damage
to the operating system. Smartphone have different operating systems
and different name for each process used to gain access to the phone's
full functions. For example, Nokia Symbian is calledhacking, Apple iOS
is calledjailbreaking, and for Android which is our main focus is
called ROOTING.

We are going to be talking about Android rooting;what is rooting?,
advantage and disadvantage of rooting,etc.
What is Android Rooting?
"Rooting" is the process in which the limitations are removed and
full-access is allowed. Rooting your Android device involves adding in
a small Linux application called "su". It stands forSuperUser, and
allows applications and commands to run with elevated permissions.
Once rooted, the Android phone owner will have more control over many
settings, features and performance of their phone. Basically,
"rooting" means to get to the root of the operating system and to have
the ability to make global changes."

Why would I want to root my phone?

Good question! Maybe you don't. Everything in a Linux system is a
file, or is treated as a file. Since Android runs on top of Linux, it
acts the same way. Most of the files you will need to access or change
are available to you without having elevated permissions. When you
want to do things that affect or change the core software of your
device --like updating the version of Android on your phone, oradding a
nice piece of software from another device- you'll have to do it as
Rooting also gives you access to some handy software that you couldn't
use otherwise. Things like a complete system backup or ad blocking
software require you to root your device. Don't root your phone just
for the sake of rooting your phone, but if you come across something
you feel you could use or would like to have, then consider it. You'll
find that the open source community is usually pretty helpful and
encouraging new people to do new things is common. And when you get to
the point where you can lend a hand to the new folks, pay it forward.


"Rooting" your Android phone does afford you numerous benefits, including:

1. Running special applications-Superuser is an app that can only be
run on a rooted Android phone. This allows you to control which apps
have access to the "root" system. Another popular application that
"rooting" affords is the ability to tether a computer to your Android
phone so that the computer can access the Internet using the phone's
data connection. Another program can allow your Android to be used as
a WiFi Hotspot without having to pay your provider for the feature.

2. Freeing up memory-When you install an app on your phone, it is
stored on the phone's memory."Rooting"allows you to move installed
applications to your SD card, thus freeing up system memory for
additional files or apps.

3. Custom ROM's-This is the most powerful feature of "rooted" phones.
There are hundreds of custom ROM's that can do anything from speeding
up the processing speed of your phone to changing the entire look and
feel of your phone.


There are two main disadvantages to rooting and Android phone:

1. Rooting immediately voids your phone's warranty- Once rooted, don't
try to bring your phone back for service or warranty work. You are on
your own!

2. Rooting involves the risk of "bricking" your phone- In essence, a
"bricked" phone is no better than carrying around a brick in your
pocket. The phone is dead when it has been "bricked."

Other potential disadvantages, though less severe, are still worthy of

1. Poor performance- Though the intention of "rooting" a phone is to
give the phone more performance, several users have found that, in
their attempts to speed up the phone or add additional features, that
their phones lost both performance speed and features. Remember that
when you "root" your Android phone, you are making changes to the
stock operating system.

2.Viruses- Yes, even phones can get viruses. A common practice that
people do with "rooted" phones is to flash their ROM's with custom
programs. Whenever you make changes to the code of a software, you run
the risk of introducing a virus.


So, the decision to "root" your Android phone is one that should not
be rushed into. Though the allure of having an unlocked phone is
powerful, having a "bricked" phone is, trust me, not very much fun.

How To Use Multiple Whatsapp Accounts On Your Android SmartPhone

You might want to install multiple whatsapp on your device perhaps for
privacy or so. Then this tutorial I'm about to share is for you.


==>Rooted Android Device
==>Sufficient memory space to create multiple account
==>You phone must have a dual sim facility
==>Switch me multiple account app

How Can I Install Multiple Whatsapp On My Andriod?

Before I go on, Its important you know the work of the switch me app.
SwitchMeApp is an application known for creating multiple user
account. This app assists you to login and logout from multiple user
spaces just like the way we do in our PC or laptops. Every particular
user account will have its own settings, applications and data and it
will not interfere with the other account.

==>Download the SwitchMeApp here:

==>Run and install it then open it once installation is complete

==>Grant the SU access to go ahead with the app

==>Now in order to configure 2 different whatsapp accounts you will
have to create 2 different profiles.

==>The two accounts will have their own separate data.

==>The very first profile would be the admin profile and all your
current apps would be available on this admin profile.

==>Utilise the SwitchMe app for switching to the second account.

==>Once you have these two accounts ready you can go ahead and
download the whatsapp from the Google play store

==>Register your new SIM once you have completed the installation process.

Once you are done with the above, you can then enjoy the multiple
whatsapp. Mind you, the multiple account can't work at thesame time
until you switch account.

How To Make WhatsApp Free For Life

Well this is a simple tutorial for everyone who have got almost
expired whatsappinstalled on their smartphones or PC. If you don't
need this post now, I bet 6months plus from now, you'll be looking for
this particular post to read because by then, your installed whatsapp
must have expired or approaching expiry date.

How Can I Get Whatsapp For Free a Lifetime?

I'll share only two steps here. For the first steps, you need the
following requirements;

==>A device running AndroidOS
==>Another device running iOS e.g iPad or iPhone.

This is how it works.

1. If you've already installed whatsapp on your android device, delete
your account completely

2. Look for an iPhone or iPad that whatsapp has not been install and
download it afresh from iTunes

3. Install it, activate your mobile number and verify it

4. Now, use your activated number on your android deviceor any other
device andCheck your Service time it is extended to Lifetime or 10

And Method Two,

=>Open Whatsapp on your Device

=>Go to settings, click on Account

=>Click on delete account

=>Enter your mobile number in the given field and then click on delete
my account.

Now that you are no more on Whatsapp, Follow below steps to get
whatsapp back with extended validity.

==>Now again open whatsapp and create a new account with new information

==>Now check your Whatsapp expiry date by navigating to
>Settings>Account>Payment info.
You should see extended trial period of your whatsapp account.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How To Use Mtn Night Plan 24/7 With 2fastVPN

I saw this post while patroling the net.
So I'm going to introduce us to a vpn called 2fastvpn that will make
you browse free of charge if at all you have multilink and convert mtn
weekend plan & night plan to 24/7 surfing gallow. Ideally, once your
1.5gb extra expire it won't connect except it get to 9pm till 6am but
with 2fast vpn, you can browse your way through it 24/7.

How Can I Set It Up?

==>Download it here:

==>Open this link 2fastvpnsetupand
) carefully go through it to set it up.

==> You will be required for registration. Mind you, there is a test
account which will last you for two days according to the owner of the
vpn and then the premium account.

So I'll suggest you to try it first before getting the premium
account. So if you subscribe for mtn Weekend data plan or Night plan
and you have exhausted the free1.5GB, then this is going to be your
next option for 24/7 internet surfing without any restriction. And
don't forget, with your multilink it is free browsing all the way.

Does it Support Android & iOS?

According to the developer of the vpn, it supports Android and iOS but
its not free but he said they are still working on it. You can
to download it for your device.


Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to get 100GB For Free On MTN Confirmed Working

Just follow my steps and you'll
smile in the next 24 hours
enjoying great internet speed.

STEP 1 :
Migrate to mtnipulseby dialing*406#or true talk by dialing*400#

Now Back date your device/
phone to5th of october, 2013


STEP 4: RechargeMTNairtime up to
#100only or#200only

Finally send data on to 131

Remove your MTN sim from
your device/phone
immediately after step 5 and
leave it off for 24 hours, after
24 hours put it back and then
enjoy yourself.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Etisalat Free Fast Browsing On PC

This is a tutorial that works endlessly with Etisalat N0.0. Mind you,
it is only for PC users and not for mobile users.
What You Need

==>Etisalat Sim with 0.0 naira
==>Your modem
==>and the attached software called YKTSAGERO here:

Why You Should Use This Tweak
I personally don't believe in in keep ing tweaks to myself. No matter
how you keep it, it will eventually be blocked one day that is why
I'll always share every tweak available here.
==>It is free of charge
==>No upgrade needed
==>It is faster than the normal Etisalat browsing speed
==>You can configure your IDM with it for unlimited download

How Can I Get It?
==>Just download the attached rar file on your PC here:

==>Extract it to your desktop and open the" read me please"file for
the step by step setup.
Remember i am not the creator of this software and all credit goes to YKTSAGERO.


MTN 100GB Tweak Works Perfectly

Just follow the steps below and enjoy!!

Migrate to mtn ipulse by dialing *406# or true talk by
dialing *400#

Now Backdate your device/phone to 5th of october, 2013

Send RESET to 131

Recharge mtn airtime up to #100 only or #200 only

Finally send data on to 131

Remove your mtn sim from your device/phone
immediately after step 5 and leave it off for 24 hours,
after 24 hours put it back and then enjoy yourself.


New Method: Glo BIS Surfing Faster on Andriod Phones And PC

Load 1000 glo recharge card and sendCOMONTHto777, after sending you will receive
a message to wait before it is been activated. You Can Skip above Step
If You have Subscribed For Glo Blackberry Monthly Sub.

Well just wait for some hours, While Waiting You can remove ur battery
or switch off Your BlackBerry for fast activation after you have been
successful activation .

Configure Your Android phone with this access point
Username: flat
Password: flat

After That go to Your mobile network and change ur network mode
fromGSM/WCDMA autoTO
WCDMAonly after the above configuration switch on Your mobile network,
during this
process Your glo sim card must have been in your blackberry, and wen
removing your sim
card from your blackberry to your Android phone make sure you remove
it wen there is
working BlackBerry service whether there is
CAPITAL EDGE or 3g then you can now
remove it instantly to Your Android without any delay
Put your bb in 3G before activation and make sure to browse for some
minutes via the
BB... You can visit appworld via it.... And exit insert ur Android et flex #shikena.

Note: use
As apn andflatas username et password....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Guys: Seven (7) Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore

In most cases when woman is no longer interested in a relationship she
doesn't want to be the one to end it. And sometimes, women tend to
emotionally sign out of the relationship even before they come out and
say it is over.

The signs below could mean she is losing connection with you (in which
case you should try to reestablish intimacy immediately), or it could
also mean she is completely over it and fallen out of love. Whatever
the case, it pays to be prepared. Here are 7 signs your woman is
losing interest.

1.Dialing Out: She has not picked up your phone call in a few days,
when you normally used to talk two to three times a day. She keeps
coming up with different excuses as to why she is ignoring you, but
her stories are not satisfactory.

2.She gets secretive: Women are known for wanting to share their
stories and experiences with loved ones, especially the man in their
life. Have you noticed she has not told you anything personal lately?
This could be a sign that she no longer relies or connects with you.

3.Suspicious activities: When she picks up calls from other men while
with you, or flirt with others without giving any consideration for
how you feel, this could mean she does not respect you or your
feelings, and that usually happen when she no longer had feelings for

4.Lack Of Physical Contact: She avoids physical contact with you. You
cannot even hold her hand without her cringing in disgust. This is a
definite sign that something is wrong.

5. No more fighting: This is perhaps the most subtle and the most
overlooked. If your relationship had been rocky for some time now (you
guys were having lots of fights) and lately she just suddenly stops
arguing with you or has nothing to say when a fight comes up, don't
make the mistake of taking this to mean all your problems are solved.
Often, women express their feelings with words, so when she stops
talking, you should start worrying.

6.She avoids family/friends gatherings: Often times, women feel guilty
when they are about to end a relationship and hanging out with your
buddies when she knows she is about to break up with you soon will
only make her feel guiltier. So she will more likely avoid a situation
where she will have to be around your loved ones (friends or family).
It is also the same if she tries to prevent you from hanging out with
her own friends/family.

7. She does not invite you to share: Just like she would not want to
talk to you about her problems/experience, she will also not ask you
to talk about yours. She no longer cares if you had a bad day, and
when you do talk to her, she probably just give you non-committal
responses like nodding and mumbling. She also does not contribute to
such conversations anymore.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pope Francis sacks "Bling Bishop" over luxury lifestyle

Pope Francis has indefinitely suspended Bishop Franz-Peter Tebartz-van
Elst of Diocese of Limburg,known as "The Bling Bishop" after
controversies surrounding his lifestyle .This came after the 53 year
old Bishop spent a whooping $42m on a luxury residence & reportedly
dropped $15,000 on his bathtub alone.

The quarters includes a museum, conference halls, a chapel and private
apartments,The project was approved by his predecessor and was
initially valued at an estimated $7.5 million, but the final bill rose
to $42 million, including a $1 million garden.Last year over 4,000
signed an open letter criticising him for using Church offering to
fund his luxury lifestyle..
He is also accused of giving false statements in court about an
expensive Ist class flight he took to India to visit poor communities.
Pope Francis decided to have him step-down pending the conclusion of
investigations.The Vatican didn't say how long he would spend away
from the diocese of Limburg but it refused calls to remove him

Keshi: Wives will allow Eagles concentrate

The Supereagles team coach,
Stephen Keshi
has said that players' wives would be allowed to be with the team
during the World Cup.

Keshi said that it would allow the players to concentrate better if
their family members get access to them during the competition as he
also tried to wave off insinuations that the players could be
distracted by Brazilian women.

"It's good for the players because it makes you concentrate better. I
remember World Cup 94, some of us went with our wives. When I was with
Mali, we went to the Nations Cup in Angola with our wives," Keshi said
during a roundtable meeting with media organised by national team
sponsors TomTom in Lagos.

Keshi's mentor and former Nigeria coach Clemens Westerhof once said
that sex doesn't affect players but the staying up all night looking
for it that affects performance.

The 52-year-old, however, said that he is not sure about access to
girlfriends for the players.
"I don't know about girlfriends but wives, yes. I think it's a good thing."
He also said that the players would not be distracted during the
tournament by the beautiful Brazilian women after a journalist
prodded him for a response.
"What do they have in Brazil that we don't have in Nigeria," he asked.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Internet Subscription For All Smart Phones

I was going through our beloveth telecoms website to see if I'll
notice another plan suitable for all platform and this is what I
discovered below;

Etisalat: Etisalathas been one of the fastest networks around but with
high data plan. Some couple of month ago when we all enjoyed magic sim
on eti and we're even able to use their cheap bis plan on 1k for 3Gig
on all device until a Malaysian hacker was sent to block it. However,
If you are not much of a data user and their network is perfect in
your location, Etisalat 200MB goes for 1500.

Glo: Recently Glolaunched a new package that works on all platform
allowing you to get twice of what you subscribed for which is1.6GB
for#2,000. Though it's reasonable for some people and to some they
consider it as too costly. However, if you have strong glo network in
your location, you can go for it. To subscribe for this plan, send
"55" via an SMS to 127.

Mtn: I can't really say much about Mtnnetwork but the only plan I'll
advice you go for at the moment is their night plan which gives you
4.5GB to use for a month at the rate of #2,500. It currently works
during the day time pending till when you exhaust the 1.5GB on it. To
subscribe for this plan, text 102 to 131.

Airtel: This has always been my favorite network all time. No network
blackberry subscription currently works on non bb device except
airtel. It allows you to have 2GB for #1,500 or 1GB for #1,000. This
bis plan currently works on all devices, including java/symbian

Still waiting for more plan to be lunched and more loopholes to be
discovered so that surfing can be more cheaper for all platform.

How to share Your PC internet connection with Your iphone, ipod & ipod

Good day my faithful readers, today's stroll I would quickly brief you
on how to share Your PC internet connection with Your iphone, ipod &
The procedures that would be explained below can also be applicable to
android or any wlan enebled device.

Without much say, I would quickly list the things needed for the procedure.

1. A PC with windows vista, 7 or 8.

2. A LAN internet connection (Ethernet) that is functional

3. Finally, A wifi card that is capable of radiating (Producing or emmiting)

I would explain three main steps, but know that the actual aim is to
create an adHoc network commonly described as WLAN, and then activate
the LAN Internet connection sharing from the PC.
Once this is fulfilled, then we can thether the internet through PC,
by just searching the created network with the use of wifi on our I0S
or android device and connect.
For Now, Let me brief you on how the network sharing is being created.

Step 1: (How to create the adHoc network)

1. First move to the sharing center of the windows by navigating to
Start> Network> Network and Sharing Center

2. Click on theManage Wireless Networks on the left.

3. Then on the top bar, SelectAdd

4. A window would open in which you are to click on theCreate Network
AdHocand click Next

5. You can use any name for the Network name, it will be the SSID of
the network you are connecting from your device. Check in the Security
Type and selectNo authentication (Open)

6. Select Save this network and then click Next.
With this, the adHoc network (WLAN) is created and also activated for
sharing. But if it still asks you to share your network, then proceed
to step 2, otherwise proceed directly to step 3.

Step 2: (For LAN network sharing)

1. Move back to the Network and Sharing Center by navigating to Start>
Network> Network and Sharing Center

2. Then on the left, click theChange Settings Map

3. Then Right click on Local Area Connection and select the Properties
option and move to the tab Sharing

4. Check the Allow other network users to connect through this
computer's Internet connection and select OK

Step 3: (Final connection to the AdHoc network (WLAN) )

1. Move back to the Network and Sharing Center by navigating to Start>
Network> Network and Sharing Center

2. Then Right click on either Connect or Disconnect

3. A window would open in which you are to click on the name or SSID
your created in step 1 and clickconnect.

4. If you are an ideviceuser (iphone, ipad and ipod), simply move to
application settings and touch the wifi to activate it. Remember to
turn off the air if it's activated.

5. Once the wifi is connected, It should scan the network name created
on your PC, then connect it, move to your browser and enjoy!

Trick To Get 30mb For Free On your Glo Sim Card

This is really good for android users and also those that love
browsing on mobile devices...
You know why i love this? ,
it's not like the other tariff on other networks where by you only get
their free mb when you recharge. On your glo sim you will keep getting
30mb anytime you recharge #200 naira. The best of it is that your 200
naira will not be touched or tampered with.

Am introducing to you officially The GLO BOUNCE package that lets you
keep surfing the internet when ever you recharge up to 200 naira on
your glo sim.

NoteThis is not a trick neither is it a cheat, but a valid and legit
tariff and offer coming from your
No. 1 Nigerian Network GLO NG.


First you need to simply migrate to glo bounce to start enjoying this
free MB anytime you recharge 200 naira or above.
to migrate to Glo Bounce.
You can check your MB balance by dialing #122#

Use the below settings
APN: Gloflat
Username: flat
password: flat


MTN, Airtel, Glo & Etisalat Agrees With NCC, Set To Unveil Cheap Android Subscription In April 2014

Few weeks ago, We Posted a News about the Petition That was Written
against NCC by Some angry Android Fans Over a Customized Subscription.

We Congratulate all Android Users as NCC has finally Passed the Bills
to the Service Providers and they Complied easily as they all Promised
to Unveil their Subscription Plans for Android Devices as Instructed
by NCC.

Android Users can now enjoy what Blackberry Users are Enjoying, Cheap
and Affordable Internet Subscription.

NOTE:-According to our Reliable Source, NCC Further Instruct all
Service Provide to ChargeN1,000for1GB,N2,000for2GBetc but should be
able to Limit all Data Plans to Andriod devices alone.
They Further Explain that,
The Data Plan will not work on PC, whether you Share Internet via
Hot-spot to your PC or other Devices other than Android or Remove our
SIM and Insert your Modem, Lets see How Possible this will be.

Until then, Keep Rocking your Android Device..
Drop your Comment about this.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

President Jonathan And His Wife, Patience Meet Pope Francis

President Jonathan, his wife Mama Peace and his entourage arrived the
Vatican last night
and met with the Pope this morning.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Airtel Unlimited BBM Subscription On ANDROID At N300 For A Month

Airtel Introduces Unlimited BBM Subscription for Android at N300
finally i Get the UNLIMITED BlackBerry Messenger Bundle on mai
ANDROID. Just follow the steps:
Download the BBM App, dial*440*22# for just #300...
Chat with Yorur pips for the next 30 days This Means That You can Get
unlimited access to BBM on your android phone for Just 300 Naira for
30Days (1month) by dialing the above Code!!! Nice Move from Airtel!!

How To Convert/Install Any Java/Symbian App On An Android Device

Hi pals, let me show you
how you can install any java or symbian (jad, jar or sis) application
on your Android device with ease .

I know so many people might have been wanting to install a
symbian app on their Android device but don't know how to go about it;
that is why this tutorial is created.

1. PC
2. Internet Connection

How Can I Download Symbian or Java App On My Android Phone?

1. Download the application you want to convert (jar,jad, or sis) on
your PC

2. Go to and
you will see different upload options.

3. Select the option that best suite what you want.

4. Click on get apk and the file will be downloaded directly to your pc shapaly.

5. Once you have downloaded the file
to your pc, you can then transfer it to your android device and use it
as occasion serves you.


Free Zone Free Surfing

This package has been in existence since late last year, it's a kind
of data free surfing but restricted to some pages. It' is called
Freezoneand it's powered by google. It is a data free service powered
by google and it allow you to make searches via google search
engine,connects with your friends on google+ for free.
To get it rolling, you can use your airtel line

==>First of all, you needa google account, so if you don't have any,
register one here

==>Visit your mobile

==>As long as you see the green bar displaying "free page" at the top
of your screen, you won't be charged for using Free Zone.

Happy surfing.

Best Ways To Improve Your 2GO Stars

Reasons Why People Love To Boost Their 2go Stars
I have asked a lot of my friends that what is the main reason you
wanted to boost your 2go Stars, some told me because they get
respected by their fellow friends because of their stars, if you see
somebody who is Master or Ultimate and you are Novice that they are
different, While Some of my friends told me that anyone who is Master
Or Ultimate knows how to chat more than a person who is a Novice. So
now I decided to share with you;

How to Increase 2GO Star Progress

There is no specific trick of increasing 2GO star progress as of now
but I will be highlighting some unique way of increasing it as follow:

1. The longer you stay online the more your 2go star will increase
(Everyone knows about this).
I know you don't want to be online all the time because you've got
lots of things to do and if you just appear online and keep quite your
friends would be mad at you.
To get around this issue
* Scroll down to Settings
* Then Change Presence and set your presence to Away or Appear Offline
But be careful while doing this because most times the communication
networks in Africa are not stable and might make you Appear Online
again without your knowledge. So while appearing OFFLINE makesure you
still check your 2go account from time to time so that your friends do
not start sending you messages without you replying back.

2. The More 2Go-Credits you Spend, the more your Star Increases.
For you to spend 2Go-Credits you must first of allpurchaseit first or
obtain it from Friends on your 2go list.
To buy 2go credits, go to "Get GoCredits" and then select the package
that suits you.
To spend your go-credits you have several ways of doing it.
* By visiting 2go chat rooms and contributing to ongoing chats: Each
time you chat in the Rooms you spend a Go Credit fromyour2go Account.
* By adding/trying to add friends in the chat rooms: To add friends.
Visit any 2go room of your choice by clicking on 2go Rooms, Then
select the room you want to visit. While in the room Go to Menu then
select List Users or Add Someone. A list of chatters in that room will
appear. Choose who you want to add and wait to see if the person
accepts you and that's all.
* You can also spend GoCredits by transferring 2go Credits to friends
on your list: To transfer gocredits. Select the friend you want to
transfer the credit to. Click on Menu and Select "Share Go Credits"
Type in the amount and Click on Send. That is all.
* The Fourth wayof Spending go credits is by Sending Group Messages:
To do this. Select "Friends", Make sure your cursor is directly on
Friends (Do not go further), Click on Menu >> Select Message Group,
Type the message you want to send (This may be any latest news,jokes
etc). Click on Send and that is all (Note: you can only send messages
to about 50 people at a time.) To get around this issue you can create
new groups and move some of your friends to these groups.
* The fifth way is by buying 2go Jokes: To do this. Go to "2go
Goodies" and then select "2go Jokes". They will ask you to reply yes
if you want to proceed, do that and the amount for the joke will be

3. Hanging Out In Chat Rooms helps too.

How to Boost 2go Stars with Lower Version of 2go
It seems that the lower versions of 2go are quickly improving 2go star
than newer versions like version 1 and 2, so if you have abandoned
your 2go lower version, start using it now, if you want rapid
improvement in your 2go star level.
I do not guarantee you anything whatsoever and we are in no way affiliated to ,,
z a, p c. e.t.c

How To Stop Whatsapp From Asking You To Update

So straight to the point, to get your
whatsapp to stop asking u to update, b/cos
most of the time we no get 20 mb to be
wasting to update.

How Can We Make Whatsapp To Stop Asking
Us to Update.

1. Off your data,

2. Open d app, when it asks for u to install or
update later. Click install.

3. While its installing, exit d app(for those
using android phones, go to settings, goto
application, goto manage apps. Then click on
whatsapp then force stop.)

4. On your data.

5. Use whatsapp for life no need for


How To Use Whatsapp For Free, Extend Or Increase Its Trial Period

I strongly recommend doing this when your
whatsapp is a day to expire but you can still
use it now. Faster enough the better it is.


1. Open your whatsapp and press Option >
About > Account Info > Option > Delete

2. A page will be displayed telling you to
enter your mobile number and telling you
what will happen.
The fourth option is what we are trying to
get rid of.
* Delete All Your Whatsapp Service Payment

3. Then press continue after you enter your
phone number and follow the next steps to
complete deletion.

4. Now trial is gone but you are no more on
whatsapp. Read on.

5. Open whatsapp back and register as
normal as you do before by entering and
confirming your phone number.

6. After succesfull registration, you get one
more year free.
Check the status again as explained above in
the first place.

7. Thats all you need to do to get rid of the


How to Retrieve Your 2go Application Password, without Paying any Amount

Hi pals, am here to tell you a trick that you will use in getting your
2go password without paying a dime ,though its not new to some but to
many it is.

How to Recover your lost 2go password

You may have lost or forget your 2go password, due to the fact that
you change your phone, or you just keep mistyping the password, and
you find it hard to retrieve your lost password, due to the fact that,
2go demanded some cash from you when retrieving your account
You will be charged #30 in Nigeria to retrieve your 2go password, but
in some country it's totally free now to perform the magic, and
retrieve your password Free of charged Follow the step below and you
will retrieve your 2go password for FREE.

1. Go to
you can do that on your phone.

2. Dont click on "DOWNLOAD 2GO" just choose "GET HELP".

3. Then set your language toKenya.

4. Now Click on "I FORGOT MY PASSWORD/PIN ".

5. Enter your mobile number write it in international Format.
Example; If your number is 0704393156 it then Becomes ; 2347064393156
and then proceed You will immediately get a message on your mobile
phone with your new password.

Guess what?
You have successfully retrieved your 2go password without loosing some
money on your account.

NOTE;Always use an international format when inputing your phone
number ,else you get an error in watever form.