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Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Cheapest Tarrif Plan on MTN Network

I always say that anytime you pay heavily for calls to same network or
other network, it is as
in that even mobile village will not forgive you for…

Why will you pay heavily on calls when you can simply apply mobile wisdom?
Have you ever wondered if its possible to make calls@1k per seconds?Or
you have been wondering if its possible to make35min calls with N100…

I'm glad to inform you that its very much possible.
I'm going to quickly review one of the cheapest tariff plan
onMTNnetwork calledMTN Zone.
MTN Zoneis an exciting tariff plan with huge discounts onMTN-to-MTNlocal calls.
MTN Zoneis a cost-effective plan that offersMTN Prepaid customers up
to 99% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls!

MTN Zone allows you to enjoy huge savings when making calls and
charges you just as low as1 kobo per secondwhen makingMTN-to-MTNlocal
calls depending on the area and time of the day.

Do you know that …
===>You enjoy discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec on
MTN zone… Do the maths..1k/sec x 60min= #36

==>You enjoy access to all MTN value added services

==>You enjoy happy hour

How to Migrate to MTN Zone?
Migration is free and easy: simply dial
from your MTN handset to migrate and start saving today!
This short codes will help you

Registration: *135*1# send
Registration status: *135# send
Deregistration: *135*9# send
Information: *135*2# send
Applicable tariffs: *135*3# send
Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4# send
Zone Help: *135*5# send
Notification off: 135*6# send
Notification on: *135*7# send
Information: *135*8# send

==>But I'm being charged 40k/sec on MTN zone

Ans: Whenever you want to make calls on MTN Zone tariff, simply switch
your mobile network to 3G only.

You must have 3G network in your area to enjoy extremely low tariff on MTN zone.
Tested & Trusted!

Note: if you wish to call other network at d same rate, use diz #555
at end of d number, e.g if u wanna call GLo line, just add
you will be charge the same rate with mtn to mtn.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple Trick To Activate The Newest Etisalat Free 1GB Data Bundle

How To Get More Than 1GB On Your Etisalat Simcards Freely

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get from a friend in
order to enjoy dis offer

==>Here is the imei i will be using….


I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 10 or 11 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at
tweak it into your phone and restart or activate and deactivate flight mode.

==>After successful tweaking, dial*917*2#then in SMS format text
NOKIAX to 8186…
Immediately you will get your 1GB smilling at you….

On 2/16/15, akaogorgift <> wrote:
> Requirement-
> 1. Rooted phone
> Procedures
> 1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage
> not phone.
> 2. Download App Mrg below
> 3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.
> 4. Now download Gemini app below
> 5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.
> That's all.

Airtel Rebranded 2in1 Free Gigabytes Tweak

How To Get More Than 5GB On Your Airtel Simcards Freely

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get from a friend in
order to enjoy dis offer

==>Here is the imei will be using….
They are in two places…
for 5GB

for 2GB

I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 11 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it
into your phone and restart or activate and deactivate flight mode.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
3G to 141…


On 2/16/15, akaogorgift <> wrote:
> Requirement-
> 1. Rooted phone
> Procedures
> 1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage
> not phone.
> 2. Download App Mrg below
> 3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.
> 4. Now download Gemini app below
> 5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.
> That's all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Etisalat Simpleserver trick

No much stories, etisalat is crazily
rocking on simple server… I know etisalat
tweak doesn’t last but this one has been
rocking since yesterday. Kudos to the
discoverer of this.

Atleast with this, you can download
whatever you want or can think before it
will be hijacked by uncoded eti staffs.
But might be very slow in surfing; but
best in downloading.
Just edit your simple server to what is

LHOST = ''
PHOST = ''
KEEP = ''
PPORT = 80
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR1 = ''
VALHDR2 = ''
VALHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR2 = ''
CUSHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR1 = ''
SBUFF = 1024

Mind you, this is not a bb plan, it doesn’t
require any airtime or mb.. just Connect,
surf and keep downloading until you are
tired of downloading.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Will You Be Responsible & Stop Tweaking Your IMEI

I was reading through a particular thread
on Nairaland this afternoon and I stumble
where someone wrote a an epistle to
Nigerians titled: "Be a responsible data
User, avoid cheat and tweak" . I sat down
and thought for a moment, and came to
conclusions that..

==>Android Operating system consumes
more data than normal operating
system… No doubt. But this alone should
pose a question to our telecom provider
that there should be a cheaper Android
data plan instead of selling data to
Android users at an exorbitant price.
Imagine Airtel BIS Plan that was newly
upgraded goes for N1,400 (3GB) but this
same Airtel Network charges Android plan
2GB for 2K which won't even last you
upto two weeks.

The question is… Is it my fault that
Android OS consumes more data that
every other OS? Why will a typical Glo bb
user get data subscription for 1k (3GB)
and a typical Android user get 2k
(2.5GB )?

==>What we call cheat is not cheat, it is
simply correct application of knowledge.
How do you expect me to go for a data
bundle 4.5GB at the rate of N2,500 when I
know quite alright that I can simply
customize my smartphone IMEI and get
6GB for 2K in less than 5min. if you are in
my shoe, won't you do the same?

==>Mr president said, "stealing is not
corruption" … and therefore I said,
tweaking imei is not corruption… It is
simply an easy way of making data usage
easier for the common man. Can you
imagine, I was reading through a tech
news in one of the popular website, and I
discover that Airtel Kenya gives 18GB for
N2,650 … Please Airtel NG, is this normal?
And you expect us to manage 2GB for
N2,000? Why can't they just be fair in
data dealings to all smartphone
operating system in NG.

==>If data sellers are no longer making
headway, they should look for something
else to do. After all MTN started this by
limiting data share to just 10 person for
data resellers. Now, most Chinco Android
smartphone manufacturer see's Nigeria
as a dumping ground for duals sim
Android phones; thereby partnering with
our telecom to give free 500MB for
12months if that particular device is
patronize… is this fare justice?
All we want is cheap data usage on All
android & iPhone device. But mind you,
tweaking continues. My name is
and I'll tweak until I get result.
And to you reading this right now, why
don't you stop imei tweaking and go for
the normal legal data plan?

Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Boot Stubborn Android Devices Into Recovery Mode

I’ll be very quick on this, because I know
there are lots of Android users that
doesn’t know how to boot into recovery
mode. If the conventional method of
booting into recovery mode doesn’t work
out for you, then one of the below will
surely work out well for you.

The truth is every new Android powered
tablet / smartphone device is normally
installed with a stock recovery image.
The tool can be used by those who want
to perform update operations, backup
procedures and maintenance and
optimization tasks. Well, if you want to
obtain even more from your phone, of if
you want to tweak its performances, then
you can anytime replace the stock
recovery with a custom recovery image,
like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery . Of
course for the custom tools you will have
to root your device first.

You boot into recovery mode, if you want
to do the following...

==>Factory reset or system update your
==>Load your boot.img or update it from
SD Card
==>Update your system image or restore
your back up from SD card.
==>Or perhaps if your device over
misbehave and the only option you have
left is to take it back to genesis.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Stubborn
Android Devices

Usually you can boot into recovery mode
==>Turn off you device.
==>Then, reboot by pressing the Power
and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
==>Keep the buttons pressed for a short
while – a few seconds – and then
release the same.
==>The recovery mode menu should be
==>Note: on Samsung branded devices
the recovery mode can be entered by
pressing the Power, Volume Up and
Home buttons at the same time.
But, if the above method didn’t work out
well for you, you can try the below.

Method 1
1. You need to download an app on
your smartphone.
2. So go to Google Play and download
the Quick Boot tool; use the link
from here for accessing the app.
3. Install the app on your phone /
4. Run the same.
5. You will be able to choose from:
Recovery, Reboot, Bootloader and
Power Off.
6. Choose Recovery.
7. Your device will reboot into
recovery mode.

Method 2
1. On this method you will have to
use ADB, so the Android SDK and
Fastboot must be installed on your
2. After installing the required tools
(the one mentioned above) connect
your device with the computer.
3. Use the USB cable for establishing
the connection.
4. Then, on your computer navigate
to the folder where Fastboot and
Android SDK is installed.
5. There open a Command Prompt
6. For cmd: press Shift key on your
PC + Right-click anywhere in the
folder and choose “Open Command
7. Then, in the cmd window enter:
“adb reboot recovery”.
8. Your smartphone / tablet will be
automatically rebooted into recovery
That’s it with recovery mode, let me take
my seat while I sip my tea waiting for
your questions.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


1. Rooted phone


1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage not phone.

2. Download App Mrg below

3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.

4. Now download Gemini app below

5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.

That's all.

MTN 3GB Plus IMEI Tweaking

At this point OF time, you need to take a break
from data subscription if you haven’t most
especially to all MTK Android users .

Today I’m going to show you how to get 3GB
Data For Free on ur MTN Sim.

How Do I Get Morethan 3GB Data on MTN?
==>The moment you tweak the first IMEI and
you’ll notice that you are given 3GB , tweak
your IMEI on that same device again, and
resend the code MIFI to 131 and another 3GB
will be given to you with ease.

==> 35410303987531
Analyse it with IMEI info>>>Remember the
first 9digits are legit.

Send MIFI to 131 and your account will be
topped up with 3GB .
Do it again and again until you’ve accumulated
enough data for your consumption. Don’t dull

If you need working imei kindly drop your
comments now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Increase Your MTN Megabytes Into Gigabytes

At this point in time, you need to take a
break from data subscription if you
haven't most especially to all MTK
Android users. If you can get 2GB free of
charge from Airtel NG, 1.5GB free of
charge from ETisalat, 250MB free of
charge from MTN via IMEI tweaking, then
why on earth will you make subscription
on your Android device?

Today I'm going to show you how to
accumulate those data into Gigs.

How Do I Accumulate MTN 250MB into
==>The moment you tweak the first IMEI
and you'll notice that you are given
250MB, tweak your IMEI on that same
device again, and resend the code Nokia
to 131 and another 250MB will be given
to you with ease.

==>I'm going to drop another new
Samsung MTN Imei that will give you
100MB, the more you tweak it the more
your MB increases.
Analyse it with IMEI info>>>Remember
the first 9digits are legit.
Send Samsung to 131 and your account
will be topped up with 100MB . Do it
again and again until you've
accumulated enough data for your
consumption. Don't dull yourself.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Get Free Whatsapp Subscribtion On Mtn For 6Months

I know most of us are still rocking the mtn 8GB that was posted
earlier… If yes so keep rocking bur if no then your in for a long-thing

we are here again in anoda new dimension, dis
time we wanna let u knw how to get mtn free

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get
from a friend to get this FREE 6MONTHS MTN

==>Here is the imei will be using 357360060659432
I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult
generating a valid imei.
You can copy the first 12 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it into your phone and restart.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
FREE to 131 …

Dial *559*2# to check your free mb…


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Get Airtel Free 200MB For 12months

I know this is not new at all… I just
decided to bring it up for those who are
currently clamping for MB’. You can
actually tweak your imeito get 200MB
from Airtel NG. Its like the normal way
and normal method of tweaking your imei
for that of Etisalat NG but it seems guys
have consumed the whole of Etisalat

How Do I Get Airtel 200MB
==>Make use of this IMEI 359005051

==>go to choose imei analyzer

==>Add 5 number of your choice then
imei analyzer will generate the check
digit for you.
Once you are done getting the imei, tweak
it to your phone. I guess everyone knows
how to do that

==>Then send SMART to 141 and 200MB
will be smiling at you.

Are you new to IMEI changing?
Follow this steps here

If it work for you, please don't use all the
imei, save the future generation.

How To activate Airtel Free 2GB


==>If you don't have the an andriod, you can get
from a friend to get this 2gb.

==>Here is the imei we will be using
869878000162957 I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult
generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 12
and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it into your phone and restart.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
3G to 141

How To Tweak Your Phone Imei
Click HERE

That's all...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Get MTN 6GB Plus

Happy New Month guys!

STEP 1: Get a new sim and migrate to true talk by
dialling *400#

STEP 2 : Do The Mtn Imei Twerking on it Using dis
Mtn Nokia Imei Dat Offers Free 250mb @
After tweaking it,
restart Your phone or switch to Airplane Mode for
Then Send NOKIA to 131

STEP 3 : After You have been granted the 250mb,
dial *559# and see d magic….

NOTE : The more You twerk Your imei, the more
your mb accumulates….
With this tweaking,you can get up to 2GB and above….

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How To Reset Pattern Lock Or Password Lock On Android Without Factory Restore

Download an app called "Aroma File manager" from
the Link below.
Download Here

1. Copy Aroma File to your
memory card.

2. Open your recovery (press volume Down +
Power button or it can be different in some
other Device : ( if it doesn't work, Use Google
to get your device info)

3. There lwill be an option in recovery called
mount . Go to that option and then mount all
cache , system.etc.

4. Then select update and select apply update
from SD/external and select aroma file ( the file you downloaded. )

5. After Flashing or updating, the aroma file
manger will open. Use volume keys for up/
down and power button to select like your use
in recovery.

6. In aroma File manager , Go to menu , which
is located in bottom strip and then select

7. Go to bottom and select mount all partition
in startup then exit from aroma file manger.

8. Now after exit , re-update that aroma file
again and it will open again.
9. Go to data >> System.

Then find gesture.key (for pattern lock) and
password.key (for password lock) then long
touch on gesture.key or password.key and some
option will be prompted , choose delete and
delete that file and restart.
Done and enjoy :

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Browse free on your freedom with etisalat

Browse free on your freedom with etisalat
this configure settings:-
Port:- 6050
APN:- Etisalat

Serve Connection:- your freedom server:ems03.your-
Connection mode:- DNS
Port: 53
Tweaks :Nigeria etisalat

Now go back to proxy settings proxy address:
Now click on "START CONNECTION" .
When connected,open your 2go,whatsapp,br
owsers,etc and enjoy!

Glo Unlimited Browsing

If you're not a Glo User, then you are
on a Long-thing because Glo Browsing is
Blazing on All Application&also Rock wella
without any Tweak whatsoever.

Do you wanna Flex with the Big Boyz
Free on Glo? Then Follow the Instruction

Note: Get a glo sim 080 only for it to work

1. You have to Request for the Glo Direct
on your Phone before you can flex for free.

2. To Request for the Settings, Go to
Message&Type the Maker of your Phone
Phone Model, Send it to 927 e.g Nokia X6
to 927 .

3. You will Receive 2 Different Settings
from Glo,
Just Activate the Glo Direct Settings on
your Phone
to Rock.

4. Now Load Glo #100 Recharge Card to
Phone. Thats all. Now you can Start
Browsing, Your Money will not
be Deducted for any Reason, It works wella
on all
Application&even on PC with Modem or
Note: You must be on Glo Infinito Package
to Enjoy

How Can i Activate Glo
You can Activate the Glo Infinito
Package by
Dialing *100*9*1# on your Phone!


Airtel Blackberry Complete Plan Increased to 3GB for N1,400

Most telecom company seems to be sitting up this
days, though I don't know what is ahead. Barely
five (5) weeks after Airtel discontinue the 1+1
Android offer that gives you 4GB for 2K or 9GB for
N3,500 ; they just introduce another upgrade on
their existing Blackberry Complete plan.

According to the text Airtel NG sent to me, it says
"1GB Monthly Blackberry Complete plan now
becomes 3GB and the still N1,400 valid for
30days… Usable on Blackberry devices ONLY"
Initially, this Blackberry Complete gives you 1GB
for N1,400 and it works on all device. But now that
it has been increased to 3GB, something seems to
be fishy somewhere.

How Can I Subscribe to This Plan
Dial *431# to subscribe.
Does it work on other Device?
It has not been tried on any device. Though their
last text says 'Valid on Blackberry Only' but I
believe when tried on other devices, it will work.

The year 2015 is still fresh and they should keep
up the good work, but hope this doesn't zap data
as usual? If not, I comment my reserve

Glo 5300 MB Tweak

A new tweak is in town!
just follow the step am gonna give to
you rightly………………..

STEP 1:load the 200# glo airtime on the glo
sim you want to activate the cheat on,if you are
on glo bounce,you will be given 30mb free
without touching the airtime

STEP 2:quickly dial *127*124*1#,
will show on your phone screen…..

STEP 3:U just ignore it and dial *127*0# to
check you mb,you willy see your 500mb but u
will not be able to use it immediately……..

STEP 4:So you will have to remove your sim for 20
minutes and put it back………..
u can now start using your 500mb 30mb(if u
are on bounce) =530mb………
insert your sim in any 3g network phone and
use till you get tired

Note: it last for just 1week and confirmed

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Update: Uninstall Whatsapp Plus Before You'll Be Ban By Whatsapp

To all those using Whatsapp Plus, get ready to
uninstall it before Whatsapp get to you. WhatsApp
is one of the most-used messaging apps in
existence, and today countless users of the
service have taken to Google+ and Twitter to
report that they're being banned from the service
for 24 hours. The common denominator between
those reporting the ban seems to be the use of
third-party WhatsApp clients on Android,
specifically a popular one called WhatsApp+ .

Facebook-owned WhatsApp has only one official
client available, but there have long been a variety
of third-party clients available through non-official
means. Some of these are fairly popular, like
WhatsApp+, which has a community on Google+ of
more than 700,000 members. Users of other
clients, like WhatsAppMD, are also reporting that
they've been banned from the messaging app for
24 hours.

WhatsApp has posted an article on their FAQ
website in an attempt to clear up why this is
happening, but it doesn't do much more than
recommend that users uninstall the third-party
client and reinstall the official one. The company is
apparently cracking down on this as a breach of
the terms of service, and is justifying their actions
under the premise of protecting user safety.

"WhatsApp Plus is an application that was not
developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by
WhatsApp. The developers of WhatsApp Plus have
no relationship to WhatsApp, and we do not support
WhatsApp Plus. Please be aware that WhatsApp
Plus contains source code which WhatsApp cannot
guarantee as safe and that your private information
is potentially being passed to 3rd parties without
your knowledge or authorization.
Please uninstall your application and install an
authorized version of WhatsApp from our website
or Google Play. Then, you will be able to use

But the developer of Whatsapp Plus took to Google
plus and said

Guys if you are getting this error don't panic we
are working hard to find a fix for the issue as soon
as possible in the mean time you can use the
normal whatsapp till a fix is found..

So if you are using Whatsapp Plus, and you have
not been ban, I'll advice you uninstall it an get the
official whatsapp before they ban you. And if you
are ban, endure the 24hrs.

How To Get N3869.60 Airtime On Airtel Nigeria

You wonder how to go about this?
I couldn't believe this until i tested it and
it works for me.
From my research, it works on all airtel
Note this is not a promo from Airtel
It's a trick.

For long usage of this
trick, ensure 100% privacy.

Also note that as the time of posting this
updates, the tricks above is confirmed
working! And it can be block unaware by
your Internet Service provider.

Now to get it done!


-Airtel Nigeria Sim

-Minimum of N100 airtime {but wont be

follow the steps below to grab N3,869.60
airtime on Airtel Nigeria Network.

Step 1. Dail *447# and you will get a
message which will be in this form
Note>you may get an error message
repeatedly i.e system busy...but keep
trying until you get it done!
And have this in mind many users are
trying this at thesame time.

Step 2. Call any airtel line for atleast
60seconds then end the call
Now dail *446# and ignore any response
you get thereafter

Step 3. Finally dail *123*9# to check your
bonus airtime.

You will get this that you have been
given N3869.60 bonus to call any airtel
Nigeria line.

Then you're done!

Monday, January 19, 2015

How To Root Any Android Phone

Android is the most popular smartphone
operating systems in the market till now. It offers
a variety of apps and settings but, eventually
reach their limits at a certain point. Rooting your
android device (smartphone or tablet) will offer
you thousands of tweaks, skins and new apps
that you should not miss out.

We’ll use iRoot for it. iRoot is a rooting software
that supports more than 8000 android devices.
iRoot is also known as Root Master. It’s a
Windows Application that helps you to root your
android phone in a single click. Here,

I’m going
to guide you how to use iRoot to root your Android

Important points to remember:
Your Android Device’s data like contacts,
pictures, videos, and music etc won’t be
affected with this method.

Your Android Device’s warranty may be
void after this process.

Rooting Guide for Any Android
1. Enable USB Debugging in or phone from
Developer options .
(To enable Developer options go to Settings >>
About phone >> Tap 5 times on Build Number )

2. If you’ve not installed USB drivers for your
device then wait for device to automatically install
them on connection in USB Debugging Mode. If it
doesn’t then download them from web.

3. Download and install iRoot :

4. After successful installation, open it.

5. Connect your Android device to the computer.
Once your device is successfully connected to
iRoot, it will automatically detect your device.

6. Now click on “Root” to start rooting process.
WARNING: Don’t touch USB cable while rooting is
being done as any interruption may cause hard
brick to your device.
Once successful root, your phone will
automatically reboot.

7. Now download and install SuperSU(
Google Play store to control root permissions.

That’s all. Your device is now successfully
rooted. To check whether your device is
successfully rooted or not download Root
from Play store.


How To Clone Etisalat Sim Cards

You can add a new SIM by dialling the USSD below, or by texting: Channel CodeUSSD Dial*215*PIN*1*newNumber*newPUK# for SIM 1i.e. Dial*215*0000*1*0809XXXXXXX*12345678#SMS Send "Add newNumber,1, PIN,newPUK" to 215 for SIM 1i.e "Add 0809XXXXXXX,1,0000,12345678" to '215'Please make sure the SIM you are adding is a brand new SIM,that has NOT been registered or activated

How To Get Airtel 200MB And Etisalat 2GB

Airtel imei allows you to get 200mob monthly for 12 months
Below is the imei digits
Edit ,set and send
Smart to 141
to get your mb

Etisalat 2GB

NOTE: Before you follow the 1.5gb steps please do the following to get 1gb.

1.Get a registered Etisalat sim ,don't dial 200 on it please, just goto your Mobile uncle.

2. Tweak your imei with the Below imei :

3. Now goto message type "MID" to "8186" twice
NOTE: you must be fast in sending the Mid to 8186 twice. And if it reply failed ,then Dial 200 and repeat thr imei tweaking again.



Saturday, January 17, 2015

MTN 150MB Tweak

If u are nt enjoying d new 150mb monthly free plan
on mtn using openvpn and simple server then u dey

NOTE: The 150MB data plan can
only access MTN Music
downloading site, but don't you
worry, with simple server and openvpn you would be
able to access any website and Use it on your PC

Step 1. Click; HERE after that insert Your Phone
number and password as
shown below..
Note: Please make sure Your
Password is Up to or more than
6 DIgits or Letters

Step 2. Hit the send button, A 6
digits pin would be forwarded
to your phone number. copy it
and past it in the assigned box..

Step 3. Immediately after
Completing the 2nd step You
receive a short Note that you
have received 150MB Valid for a
To check your balance Dial

Step 4. Download the .ini settings
of the simpleserver and openvpn

Step 5. Extract the .ini file to the
same folder you have the Simpleserver.exe (You can
search Google for the fb0 simple server for pc and
then replace the ini file wif the one u download)

Step 6. Run Simpleserver.exe
NOTE: Configure your BROWSER
to & 8080
OpenVPN users download and
extract the CONFIG file
in the file u downloaded.

Goto settings,Create new access
point With The following Details:-

Name: Simpleserver
Port:- 8080
Now Open your Simple-Server
Access Point:- choose the access
point you created
Local Host:-
Local Port:- 8080
Click On HTTP Query:-
Frontquery:- None
Middle Query:- None
Back Query:- None
Reverse Query:- None
Inject Query:-
Inject Method:- HEAD
Inject Newline:- r/n
Inject SplitLINE:- Default
Click on HTTP Header
Add/del/rep Header 1:- Http or pute Host. For me,
host am using.
Add/del/Rep Value 1:
Add/del/Rep Header 2:
Add/del/Rep Value 2: none
Add/del/rep Header 3:
Others should be NONE
Click On server Config
Fetch Server:- NONE
Keep Server:- None
Url Replacer:- None
Advaced Mode:- yes
Tunel Proxy:- No
Https Connection:- yes
Server Buffer:- 1024
Screen size:- Normal
Proxy Host:-
Proxy Port:- 8080
Exit and Open it again,
Click on:-SERVER LOG
Click option….then TEST IP to

Now minimise and power with
any of non-handler opera,ucweb,ibrowser,qq
browser using the simple server
access point created


Etisalat Unlimited Tweak

There are two type of Etisalat paygo unlimited.

1) Etisalat paygo; this are those sim that were able to migrate from Easy Clip into Paygo but could not Activate Etisalat clip day which give 5naira per 1mb per day so they have to depend on the weekly 5mb or 10mb depending on the amount they load first 100naire credit or 200naira credit.

2) Etisalat Paygo+Clip day; this are those Etisalat sim that were able to activate the full Unlimited by Easy clip + Paygo + Clip day, this Sim those not depend on the 5mb or 10mb given weekly beco they get there own MB from Clip Day which cost 5naira per day.

Note: Etisalat paygo Activation as been blocked, if you don't have just give up reading now but if you have hope let's continue

Etisalat Paygo Rule.

1) make sure its a fresh week
2) load 100naira you would be given 5mb
3) connect or on your data
4) connect Speedvpn or Flashvpn or Hotspot shield Elite.
5) off and on back data every 45mins to be on save side.
6) your 5mb will hook wen it get to 0.48mb which would take u up to 4days unlimited

My Advice: avoid streaming site.

Note; 1)Don't ever check your credit or receive call while browsing, in short Don't is Dont.

2) Only check data by *228# or in short you don't need this.

:::;::::::::::EnD for Eti pay go::::::::::::

For Etisalat Paygo+Clip Day

Use same rule above too.

Note; don't ever opt out of Clip day or you will be bock from opt in.

One Love 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Etisalat Unlimited Browsing Plus New 500MB IMEI

How To Activate The Unlimited Trick::


D*THEN DIAL *343*5*6#....

Just configure your phone as follows;

IP :

PORT : 80


Apn :



After downloading them, install those apps without changing anything when installing, install it the way you downloaded it....
Then start flexing and downloading unlimitedly...

You can also use your web browser if you want to.

Etisalat New 500mb IMEI Trick::
Blazing hot right now!
Get additional 500mb with this imei number 35975005
send data to 8186

Good luck and enjoy!

Etisalat 1GB Trick

The Etisalat weekend awoof rumored to have been blocked
is now out.

The Trick::
Dial *5995*2# to Get 1GB data plan to browse your favourite sites for just N500.

Thank me later.

How To Root Your Itel Phones Or Any Sturbon Android Phones


1 . Get your PC Make your phone drivers installed successfully

2. Download Iroot.exe below

3. install iroot to your PC, then ,open software, then connect your PC to your phone with USB.

4 tap on Root inside d software and wait till your phone Reboots ,and finally Root.

5. You can download rootchecker to verify!


Root Your Android Phone With PC Or Baiduroot


1. Got to settings , tick or switch on Debugging mode.

2. Tick install from unknown sources . Then goto activate Developer mode, or tap the Build number 7times from the about phone.

3. Download Baiduroot belw.

4. Install, and Tap root.


2015 MTN Magic Sim Reloaded

Follow the below procedures and adhere strictly to it please


2. THEN DIAL *131*5# .


4. DIAL *131*1*3*2#. YOU WILL BE GIVEN 250MB + ADDITIONAL 100MB....



7. Load #100, THEN EXTEND YOUR DATE TO 01/05/2015 AND TEXT ''104'' TO 131....


1. anytime it stops or disconnects, just follow procedure 7 and again.

2. Before you carryout the above practicals Please make sure your mobile data is switched off to avoid deduction in account balance. Switch it ON when u are done!

3.You must be on mtn pulse to enjoy the tweak

4.Make sure you use mtn 128k sim.
Good luck!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Some Blackett Useful Codes

Hidden Functions (HOLD ALT)
Function - Changes the signal meter from the standard bars to a decibel display, entering the code again will revert back to the bars.

Function - The Techinical information menu, if you are trying to get support or help you will probably need the information displayed here.

Function - Validates the address book, can only be used in the address book.

Function - Forces the address book to rebuild, can only be used in the address book.

Code: *#06#
Function - Displays the IMEI (home screen)

Function - Used in the browser to view the page source code, useful if you are developing applications.

Function - Displays the devices event log, if you are struggling to get BES/BIS working the information here can be very useful.

Function - Soft reset a blackberry device, this is not a format or hard reset. Just a reboot. Smart System Codes (Type these in a message box for example while composing a new e-mail)

Function - Displays the Software Version and Model Number of the device.

Code: LD
Function - Local Date is displayed.

Code: LT Function - Local Time is displayed. Code: MYSIQ Functiom - Displays the device owner information.

Function -Device PIN is displayed.


Function - Displays the Language Selection Screen

Code: LOLO
Function - Use on the Date/Time screen to display the network date and time.

Function - Displays event logs of all the system -level events that occur on your device.

Function - Displays the ID's in the messages menu.

Function - Use in the themes menu to disable themes.

Function - Use in the theme menu to return to the default blackberry theme.

Function - Enables the simulated WLAN wizard (WLAN Menu).

Function - Disables the simulated WLAN wizard (WLAN Menu).

Code: BUYR
Function - Display data and voice usage, enter at the status screen (options>status ). Sim Card Shortcuts (no ALT required, found under Options>Advanced>Sim Card)

Code: MEP1 Function - Enable/Disable Sim personalization.
Code: MEP2 Function - Enable/Disable Network personalization.
Code: MEP3 Function - Enable/Disable Network subset personalization.

Code: MEP4 Function - Enable/Disable Service provider personalization. Code: MEP5 Function - Enable/Disable Corporate personalization.

Code: MEPD Function - MEP Information Display - Shows Status .


Some Android Useful Codes

So here are some tricks and codes which can be useful if you have an android phone. Cell Battery , WiFi Usage e.t.c Info: *#*#4636#*#* Restore Factory Settings : *#*#7780#*#* Format Phone: *2767*3855# Launch service mode: *#*#197328640#*#* Test WiFi: *#*#232339#*#* 0R *#*#526#*#* OR *#*#528#*#* Display WiFi MAC address: *#*#232338#*#* GPS test: *#*#1472365#*#* Other GPS test: *#*#1575#*#* Bluetooth test: *#*#232331#*#* Display Bluetooth physic address: *#*#232337#*# Start Gtalk monitoring: *#*#8255#*#* PDA, Phone, H/W, RFCallDate: *#*#4986*2650468#*#* PDA and Phone: *#*#1234#*#* FTA SW version: *#*#1111#*#* FTA HW version: *#*#2222#*#* PDA, Phone, csc: *#*#44336#*#* Packet Loopback: *#*#0283#*#* LCD test: *#*#0*#*#* Melody test: *#*#0673#*#* OR *#*#0289#*#* Device test such as vibration and lightness: *#*#0842#*#* Display touchscreen version: *#*#2663#*#* Touchscreen test: *#*#2664#*#* Distance sensor test: *#*#0588#*#* Display memory version: *#*#3264#*#*


Folow the below simple steps.

1. Dial *166# ,get a success mesage dat u ar on club 10.

2. Call 14120 , folow the voice prompt,press 1 for english,then press 1 to get 100 frm airtel.

2 . After dat u wud get a success message frm airtel, just check ur bal. U will c #90 ,dont panic .

3. Make call with the airtime till ur balance remain #54.00 or below.

4. Now dial *123*4# u wud c the magic.



Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to Change Infinix Hot X507 IMEI To Blackberry IMEI

Infinix hot x507 is one of the latest Android device
from Infinix mobile. Cheap in price with great spec,
running on Android 4.4 Kitkat, Its actually a cool
smartphone with 1GB Ram & 16GB internal
memory. Nice battery life and you can easily get it

Using Glo Bis on your new Infinix Hot x507 will
save you data cost since Android device consume
a lot of data. I’ll quickly show you how to change
your New Infinix Hot IMEI to use Glo BIS in easy
steps even without rooting.

==>Mtk Engineering mode (mtk)

==>Blackberry IMEI (download this software on
your PC here or demand for imei using the
comment box)

How Can I Change my New Infinix Hot IMEI
==>First of all generate your 15 digit Blackberry

==>Go to playstore and download Engineering
mode (mtk)

==> Open engineering mode> >Click on Engineer
Mode (MTK)>>Swipe left to Connectivity >>>click
on CDS Information > Radio Information

==>Click on phone 1. If you want to change your
sim1 or sim2, follow this guide:

For Phone 1:
“AT +EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure
you space AT +EGMR)

For Phone 2:

==>Press the “Send At Command”.
You should receive a message that your ‘AT
command sent’

==>Reboot your device and dial *#06# to view
your new imie.

You can now subscribe to Glo BIS by dialing
*777*21# for N1,000. You can use the comment
box to ask your questions.

Airtel Reloaded Free600Mb (Tested andConfirmed)

Just Dial These Straight Codes Accordingly;
1. Dial *141*13*50# And Press The Call Send Key

2. Dial *141*13*100# And Press The Call Send

3. Dial *141*13*200# And Press The Call Send

4. Dial *948*1# And Press The Call Send Key

5. Dial *141*13*1# And Press The Call Send Key

6. Dial *141*712*007# And Press The Call Send

7. Dial *141*712*001# And Press The Call Send

8. Dial *141*712*0# And Press The Call Send Key

9. Dial *885*0# And Press The Call Send Key

10. Dial *223# And Press The Call Send Key

Note 1: If you have a lucky sim you will get
200MB, 5MB, 1MB 394MB
Totaling=>> 600MB

*If You have a fairly lucky sim you will get
300mb to 100mb*
if You don't have a lucky
sim you will get 50mb downward.
But the least you can get is 6mb.
Don't Forget To Comment On How Many MB
You Are Given.

As for me i got 506mb .
Goodluck as you try yours.
For higher megabyte repeat step 3, 4 and 5

Note 2: Kindly Dial *141*13*50#,
*141*13*100# And *141*13*200# first before
the rest in other to get the leat mbs,
For you not to complain that you got 6mb, Here
is the secret, Before you dial the codes,

First of all dial these ones as listed, *141*13*50#,
*141*13*100# And

Note 3: Kindly Dial *123*10# To view your
data balance, This codes may not work for
everybody if you don't get yours it's all about

Airtel Reloaded Free Call

1. This tweak works for all Airtel Sim and call can
be made to airtel number only..

2. Now dial these codes accordingly…

3. You will see something like this after dialling those
codes " dear customer, you still have 100 free

Dial *337*2*D phone number# to use your free

Invite pals here pls!
keep flexing

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Free Call APP For All Naija Networks

I got this information am about to share while surfing the net.

The freecall app am introducing is called FreePP
, freepp is a free VoIP
and multimedia SMS application that
works across all platforms.
You can enjoy FreePP on your Android
phone and any other smartphones and tablets
with any OS.
Wherever you are, as long as you are connected
to the internet through WiFi or 3G, you can
have one to one/one to many free voice
calls, free texts, free picture sharing and
messages with FreePP
users around the globe not only in naija isnt
dat superb?.

Four main features of FreePP
1. Free Services : Once you and your
contact are both on FreePP, all your
calls, texts, and multimedia
messages will be free!
International calls or calls across different
devices/platforms would no longer be a trouble!
They are still
free. However, if you are calling someone who is
not a FreePP user, you will be charged by local
operators. Xo ur recipient must have the app,
just like facebook,nimbuz
viber,flipcall,nanu ,binu etc calling app.

2. No missed messages : FreePP remains active
even when you are not using it. You would
never miss a single call or message. When your
phones are turned off,
notifications will arrive when you
turn them on.

3. Security matters: FreePP is a real
name social tool that’s based on your contact
list. Users do not have to worry about
friending invitations from strangers or spam
messages. On top of that, FreePP is a high
secured voice tool. Your calls will
not be phone hacked.

4. User friendly : FreePP requires no
registration, logging-in, or memorizing your
password. All you have to do is validify your
number. You don’t even have to
enter passwords everytime you
activate FreePP. FreePP is integrated and synced
with your
contact list. You will find it easy to check out
who’s your FreePP friends in your contact list.

Download Here

1. As a first time user ,u have to enter ur
number e.g 8064393123, dnt add the first zero in
ur number.

2. Put ur password and a valid email adress, a
link will b sent to u via email , comfirm it to
verify ur acount. And dats all.

3. Goto ur contacts ,if u have anybody using the
app , BEGIN THE FREECALL even with 0.0k on
your acount.

::Drop your numbers so that you can receive free calls from GW members.