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Sunday, November 23, 2014

New Etisalat magic within just 5hours (back and beta)

Hi guys,like i told you, etisalat is now in
trouble, they opened their gate and now we
broke in. Moreover its festive period, so turn
your sim into magic sim now!
Just adhere strictly to the below procedure
please cos i dontw want unnecessary
complains ,but you are free to ask question if you
1. Just Load N250 etisalat Recharge card on the

2. Send IFBUP To

3. Dial*229 * 3 *5

4. Switch off ur phone and remove the
sim ,keep it safe for just 5 hours .

5. After that insert it back and
dail*229 * 0 #.

6. Change your network to 3g if available and
Goto Any Application u wished to and start
flexing Unlimitedly!

::MTN magic sim now available::::

Etisalat 2go,facebook,whatsapp and wechat subscription code

Hi guys , am in my bed smilling ,
have u guys being wondering if wether
etisalat have their own social netwrk
sub. Code just like other networks?

Do it this way and browse unlimitedly
with it.
1. Have atleast N50 on your etisalat
2. Dial *343*5*5# to activate .
3. To cancel dial this plan dial
*343*5*0# .


Enjoy 100GB On All Etisalat Sim

Hi guys,its now a season of
Downloading unlimitedly and browsing
without stop as iam about to drop the
latest on etisalat.

Follow the below process for those who
want to tryout and have a taste.

1. Just get your sim Recharge N100 airtime
on it.
2. transfer N50 out of it to another
Etisalat Sim Card
3. Dial *499*2*2# twenty times(20x).

At last you will get 100GB Without them
deducting Your Money!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Download Unlimitedly On Etisalat Simcards Using UCWEB Browser

1. Migrate to easy cliq…
2. make sure you have #150 on your
etisalat sim…
3. Dial dis code to activate the
With that you have activate the
unlimited but its not gonna open any
site until you use the below settings

Ip :
Port : 80
Apn : etisalat or whatsapp
Homepage :
After doing those settings, download
And install and if you already have
ucbrowser don't bothher to download
and note that the cheat can not install the
ucweb for those that are just
downloading their own uc….
After mthat, launch your ucweb and see the
magic of unlimited download….
Try it and drop your comments here…

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MTN SURPRISE UPDATE: Price Drop On Data Rates Officially

I just got this surprise text from mtn, I think
am impressed by their effort.

I think its 4.5gig all day and not the public
misconception of 1.5gig 3gig.I did confirm this
from their customer representative.

How Do I activate this offer?
==>Load your phone with #2,500
==>send 120 to 131 and it will be activated for you.

Does it Work on All Smartphone and PC?
Yes, it works on all smartphone and PC.
The question now is, will you rather go for this new
Mtn smartphone plan or rather you'll stick to Air tel 4GB for #1500?

How to Download APK Files From Google Playstore to PC

Google Play Store, by default, doesn't allow
the download of APKs for free games and apps
stored there and it installs the requested app or
game on the device directly. But maybe you have
been wanting to download apk apps or games on
your computer or other devices like BlackBerry10
that supports Android apps directly from Google
Playstore or perhaps for offline uses but you don't
know how to, I'm going to
quickly show you how you can download any apps
available on Google play store to your computer or
Blackberry10 directly.
How Can I Download Any App in PlayStore on my

Evozi Downloader: This is one of the best apk
downloader I've ever used and will keep using. It
is easy to use and within the twinkling of an eye,
you have your apk file already on your pc or
==>To begin,click here:

==>Enter the app ID from Google Play Store or
enter the entire URL for the app or game at Google
Play Store you want to download

==>Click on " generate download link " and your
download will begin.
You can then transfer it to any device you want
when you are through downloading.

Google Chrome Extension: If you don't want to use
online downloader, there is also a provision for
Chrome browser extention that even makes it
more easier for you to use. If you don't have
Google chrome browser on your computer, you
can download it here:
Download the apk extension here:


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Airtel Surfing Free of Charge on All Device

Airtel is currently surfing free of charge without
any tweaking, or vpn. Just look for your abandon,
rejected, defected or in-eligible sim, slot it on your
phone or modem and connect. It is fast, it is free
and don't wait to be told before it will be blocked.

If you still remember where you kept your Airtel
SIM, grab it and enjoy the unlimited browsing I am enjoying right
Remember, no any configuration needed.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How To Get 300GB On Your Glo Sim

Sorry,this post is mainly for those that have been
using glo bis on one device or the other which is in
auto renewal mode according to ma own side
of view….

1. U must av an active glo bis data of any mb
or GB..

2. Den u can naw send d normal sub code of
COMONTH to 777

3. jus send d code above and seee d magic….
4. To ma greatest surprise it has 1year expiry
date interval…. And i knw dis is a network
loophole from glo so enjoy while it last…
5. To know your data balance anytime, dial


How To Hack Offline ANDROID GAMES Coins, Score, Money, With GameKiller

GameKiller v3.01 Apk

GameKiller is an Android application which
will help you to hack Offline android games
coins, score, money, gems, etc… It is one of the
best applications out there to do such a thing.

+GameKiller will not work for online Games
like Teen Patti and Hayday.
+For using GameKiller you will need a Rooted
android device.
+If anything goes wrong mention it in the

How to Install ?
1. Download GameKiller Apk from the Links
2. In settings allow downloading from
unknown sources.
3. Install it and run it.
4. Done!

How to Use ?
+ Open GameKiller then minimize it.
+ Open the game where you want to have
unlimited money, gems,…
+ Look how much coins you have, open GK
and write the value you have seen, press the
search button and AUTO IDENTIFY, now GK
will find many results,so you have to spend or
play the game so that the coins change, then
search the new value in GK so that it find less
results. Keep trying until it finds few or one
+ Now that you have the results click the
results and change all the values and hit ok.
+ That's all.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How To Send Message To The Person WhoBlocked You OnFacebook

Hi Everybody..
Today I Will Tell How To Send
Message To
The Person Who
Blocked You On
i knw so many hv awaited this day,
well it has come to pass ,just follow
the below simple instructions.

1. The first main thing u have to
know is the Profile Name of the
person who blocked you.

2. For the profile name just open the
profile of the person who Blocked

3. Here is the main step, now in the
address bar you will find something
Like this >>

4. Here the giftedworld?_rdr is the
profile name of the person who
blocked you.

5. You can even get this profile name
in the about
info of the person who blocked
you, It will be
sumthing as shown below

6. Now go to your Mail
Account.(e.g Gmail,

7. Now compose a New Mail

8. In the To address type the
mail id as shown
in my example it is

9. Now type the message you
want to send in the
subject field and click send

10. That's it your message will be sent
to the facebook
inbox directly.

Hahaha , he or she go fear fear . Cos
even the profile name na email id sef.
Enjoy this Facebook Trick and
surprise your
Friends who blocked you.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Etisalat Tweak

Etisalat paygo trick had been blazing hot long
ago.initially,I crave hard for this plan when never
the need arises to download huge files.Not until
when my sim turns magic

We all know that the trick is not friendly with any
streaming website.Once you mistakenly enter any
streaming website,all your money will be
This morning,I'll be sharing you a little tips on how
to stream videos with the paygo trick.just draw
closer to me your learning chair while I flows the
knowledge to you.
How to stream videos with etisalat paygo trick

==>If you haven't got this paygo trick working for
you,try out this updated steps.

==>Dail *229*5*7# on your sim preferably easy liq

==>Once they send you a message that " you are
on the default pay go"

==>load 100# then subscribe for 1mb 5# by
dailing *330*1# or *200*2*2*1# then,use *228# to confirm that the
1mb is intact.

==>Now to the last step.Download speedvpn here

==>Connect and suck data from etisalat.

==>When it is 55min,etisalat will reset the
connection do not disconnect just activate flight
mode on your phone and deactivate back...shalom


Airtel Bis 4GB For #1,500 Reloaded

Airtel just re-open Airtel Bis 4GB for #1500 (1+1
Bis offer) and it is rocking on all device. The
Android offer is still running 4GB for#2,000 & 9GB
for #3,500 .

Why Should I Go For This Plan?
==>It can browse on every device including java

==>When you subscribe, you get the next month
subscription free. Which in other words means that
you can subscribe with #1,500 this month and get
free subscription for next month.

==>You can have 10 registered email ads on that

==>You have access to Blackberry protect.

==>It doesn't zap data on PC. To use it on Android,
deactivate every background app from running so
that it won't suck dry your data.

How Can I Get This Offer?
Before you recharge, dial *440*161# to know if
you are eligible for this offer. If you are not eligible,
follow this guide on how to be eligible here .

My sim is a prostitute sim, it is eligible for every
offer; I don't know about you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How To Get 10GB And Above On Your MTN Sim

This cheat was formed from a promo launched by MTN to Suprise their customers and strictly for dose dat received free 100mb from mtn recently…


1. Get an MTN Sim

2. Send 11 to 400

3. If you receive 100MB, this is where our experiment starts…

* After getting 100MB, change your date to 2013 or 2012 and resend the code in Step 2 above

* Continue back dating your phone and re sending till you get

*Tested & Rocking on 0806, 081 and 0706 Sims.

Dial *559*11# to check your Mb.

incase u cant find d mb, jus keep dowwnloading and u see d magic….

Drop Your Testimonies.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Etisalat is back on ANDROID and rocking on freedom vpn

=> Firstly, create a Freedom account

=>Click HERE:

to Download d apk

=>install and run it

=>After input this configure settings:-
Port:- 6050
APN:- Etisalat

Serve Connection:- your freedom
Connection mode:- DNS
Port: 53
Tweaks :Nigeria etisalat

Now go back to proxy settings proxy
Now click on " START CONNECTION " .

When connected,open your
2go,whatsapp,browsers,etc and rock

Airtel Surprise Package Get free 100mb & 200mb valid for 7 days

Jst early this morning,ETISALAT also with
their own surprise. Now with Airtel,
1. it doesn't require any Airtime, you can

2. it done with N0.0k balance, but it is
working on some selected Airtel SIMs,
not on all SIMs, so if you try it with a line
and is not working, don't be panic, try to
find another Airtel SIM to get it done.

I have 4 different Airtel SIM, only two of
them was lucky to received free 100MB
and one of my closest friends received
200MB on each of his 3 Airtel SIM.

Just follow the below steps to get it done
on your Airtel SIM.
1. First of all, your Airtel SIM must be on
club 10 PAddi.

2. Dial*166#to migrate to club 10 PAddi.
After you have successfully migrated to
club 10 PAddi, choose the Amt of MB you
Just dial *141*13*200# to receive free,
200MB or
Dial *141*13*100# to receive free 100MB
It is simple as that, enjoy it while it last.

Hope this information helps? If it works
for you, don't forget to drop your
testimony and remember to Click Share
button for the benefit of others.

We are now waiting for GLO oo

Etisalat Free 200MB- Season Of Suorises

Since morning, Etisalat has been dishing free
reward to almost all their customers. Some got
free 200MB in the morning, some got 500MB while
some got 700MB altogether. So if you still have
your etisalat sim with you, just make sure it is
inserted inside your smartphone and wait for your
own reward message from Etisalat.
I don't know if Glo and Airtel is going to start their
own surprises tooo but I really thing they too
should join this season of Surprises if not, I'll just

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Enter here For Your Unlimited Calling, Texting to Anywhere in The World

BeepTool as the name goes is a free
communication app that enablesvideo
conferencing,talk,textandfilesharing on an
array of devices.

With BeepTool, you get free calls and text
messages to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the
world via WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE — without
draining minutes through your service
Why Should I Download BeepTool? .
==>It allow you to make free calls with
BeepTool to BeepTool users
==>Beeptool to other mobile calls at a more
cheaper rate (the cheapest ever)
==>Group calls: you can get a group of upto 25
people together and make free calls while you
discuss business.
==>Free video calling
==>unlimited text messaging to other users
==>You can send files or document of any size
to anyone around the world
==>You can also transfer money from your
Beeptool account to other Beeptool users. And
lot more…

How Does it work? .
==>Sign up HERE:

and HERE:

and create your own free account
You can also invite your friends to create an
account and you are good to go with all the
features listed above.
Supported Devices.
At the moments, it's available for Android,
iOS/iPad, MaC and PC users. Blackberry users
should back off with speed.
Android users should download it CLICK HERE:

iOS users should download it HERE:

Try it and let's hear your view about this app.

3 In 1 Awoof!! MTN Free Megabyte, Airtime and Free SMS

3 In 1 Awoof!! MTN Free Megabyte,
Airtime and Free SMS
PACKAGE,Its Absolutely Free amd No
charges is Apply…
All You Have To Do is:
Send 11 to 400 for (100megabyte) on
MTN & 10 free Sms + 100naira airtime

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Glo Free Browsing

Another glo magic ip for Nokia s40 java and
symbian also the tweak work on all tecno device
that have a java application.
Symbian user goto

setting=>connection==>Destination and create a
new Access point==>
Connection name: Glo Nigeria
APN : glosecure
Username & password:empty
Homepage :
Then press Optione==>Advance Settings Proxy
server address:
Port :80




Open the Opera 4.2 handler settings and insert
the below tweak:


PROXY SERVER: cgi-bin/nph-proxy.cgi/

Also for Opnext7hui203 insert this below tweak
in the:



Or Any Opera Just Go to
Proxy server :
HTTP and put


Install it all and Enjoy free browsing with
GLOBACOM Nigeria with N0.00 naira in your

Its all tested and comfirm working and speed
like jet.,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How To Stop All Spam Messages And Calls From Nigerian Network Using Binga

It can be so annoying when you are expecting a
life changing sms from the place you recently went
for an interview when an infected spamming call
now pop in from Airtel Advertisement or you've
been expecting a congratulation sms or an alert
from your bank you now receive a congratulation
message from 33181, 35020, 33115, 35685 telling
you that your number "08065046***"
as been qualified to receive free health tips for one
week for just #100. I call this an invasion of
privacy or you can call it what a Hebrew man call
"oikodomeo ".
The most annoying aspect of it is when a
professional number calling you from Glo or Airtel
not knowing that it is a Robot calling you to
advertise their plans… but why can't our telecom
stop this spamming calls and messages?

Well, there is a solution here if you are equally
tired of such infectious, infected and barbaric text
messages & calls from our telecom network.
Binga app is an android application recently
developed by a concern individual to help combat
this unwanted spammy messages. It's designed to
actively protect your phone from all unsolicited
SMS messages on all Nigerian GSM networks.

Why Should I Use Binga App?
==>It is free to download and easy to use

==>It runs in the background to fight every
detected spam messages

==>It works on all android phones

==>It is a mobile police policing your data from

==>It does not require any registration at all.

==>It ensures that all your messages are from real
people and not demonic telecom robots

Where Can I Download This App?
You can download it here:

if you are an android
user or bb10 user
It's time to put an end to all those robotic text
messages popping into your phone without your
permission. Now I need someone to build an app
that will equally stop that robo calls from Airtel and
Glo network please…

If you are not using Binga then you are one of
those sending those spam messages... lol!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

How To Get AirtelFree 100MB

No much story,let go straight to the point
=>DIAL *166# or *101#

=>you will see welcome to club 10 PAddi

=>Now Dial *141*13*100#

=>you will receive a successful message

=>But if it did not work,just load 100 card and redial the code *141*13*100#


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to download all play store application without any play store

Am droping to you guys
comfirmed way/website to get all
android apps without an android

Android – the most popular device , and
have about 60% users
Android is a device by which you can do
many things like get
news, photos, videos etc.
But without particular application this
device can not do anything.
For the application you need to go
play store and download the
application it's common for any
android user but some time you are
unable to download the application
from the playstore , or getting
any error while downloading . Then
what can you do , dont warry .
Today i will tell you how you can
download playstore app without any
play store.

It's not a big deal to download play
store application without playstore, you
just need to follow all
steps carefully.
1:- just CLICK HERE:

2:- When page opens enter the
playstore address of the application or
pakage id(e.g id=net.openvpn.openvpn
or id=com.droidvpn.browse check d
playstore link u will always see sumtin
lyk dat) .

3:- click on Download button.
That's it your application will be

NOTE: Although am yet to comfirm
fully,but to download witout
breakages , UC BROWSER works best.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mtn Free 60GB+ Trick

Just Apply This Method Now.
GET 2 MTN SIM whether OLD or NEW
Make sure this sim is MTN TRUE TALK /
MTN PULSE tariff plan-there codes are
*400# or *406# respectively
recharge 100naira on Your SIM 1
Transfer 50naira to SIM 2
that means sim 1 and sim 2 has 50 naira
on them EACH.
Dial *131*5*1# once,
then save dis number on u\your contact
and dial it just once on the 2sims or on
one of the sim as you may like.
and switch the 2sims off
immediately.,wanna take a break……
kk am back….,Now switch them on
After 10 minutes…. then back date ur
date to16-09-2013 After that dial
*123*3*1*5*2# continuously for
Ignore any error message it gives you.
Yes I Mean send the code 30 times
the more u dial d more u get

NOTE: u might be seeing transaction
failed but don't panic, under 2hours
magic, wit this code *131*4# Or send 2
to 131 in a message .
You will surely see Your gigs on the
2sims and remember 20 naira will be
removed from the 2sims
and they shall give you 60gigs on both
simsmobile money.

Now to Make it work On Your GADGETS
whether na ipad, iphone , andriod and
so on Just
>> Load Another N100 Airtime and Dial
*104# OR
— send 104 to 131
The 10MB Would be added the Gigs On
Your Sim Card,
After that You are Free to Use it On Any
Devices.. it works like
MAGIC.,., yeeeeehhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Or if you wanna run them down finally
Just search and download this app – HIDE MY IP
If you are Still Having Issues.,don't
Hesitate to drop ya Comments!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Just Dial These Straight Codes Accordingly;
1. Dial *141*13*50# And Press The Call Send Key

2. Dial *141*13*100# And Press The Call Send Key

3. Dial *141*13*200# And Press The Call Send Key

4. Dial *948*1# And Press The Call Send Key

5. Dial *141*13*1# And Press The Call Send Key

6. Dial *141*712*007# And Press The Call Send Key

7. Dial *141*712*001# And Press The Call Send Key

8. Dial *141*712*0# And Press The Call Send Key

9. Dial *885*0# And Press The Call Send Key

10. Dial *223# And Press The Call Send Key

Note 1:If you have a lucky sim you will get 200mb, 5mb, 1mb 394mb
Totaling=>> 600MB* If You have a fairly lucky sim you will get 300mb
to 100mb*

If You don't have a lucky sim you will get 50mbdownward. But the least
you can get is 6mb. Don't Forget To Comment On How Many MB You Are
Given. As for me i got 506mb. Goodluck as you try yours.
For higher megabyte repeat step 3, 4 and 5 twice.

Note 2:Kindly Dial *141*13*50#, *141*13*100# And *141*13*200# first
before the rest in other to get the leat mbs, For you not to complain
that you got 6mb, Here is the secret, Before you dial the codes, First
of all dial these ones as listed, *141*13*50#, *141*13*100# And

Note 3:Kindly Dial *123*10# To view your data balance, This codes may
not work for everybody if you don't get yours it's all about luck.

Note 4:I am on "Airtel One Sim Data Plan" before dialing the codes,
you can dial the codes while still on your current data plan, but if
you wish to migrate to "Airtel One Sim Data Plan" Just Dial *337# Then
press send call key button on your keypad.

How to check Airtel One SIM Bonus Credit balance and data Simply Diall *223#
Information About
Airtel One SIM Data Plan:
Airtel One SIM is a new prepaid plan that offers subscribers 100%
bonus on all recharges for LIFE (N100 and above). There is no
restriction on the number of times the bonus can be received as long
as you are on the plan. Subscribers also enjoy 12k/sec to call 2
special numbers (Airtel) and N1/SMS to these numbers. The bonus can be
used for voice and SMS to all local networks and 5 international
destinations; USA, Canada, China, India and UK landline all day. Bonus
can also be used to browse the internet on PAYU basis. This plan is
available to all new and existing prepaid subscribers on the Airtel
network. To join, simply dial *337#.

Applicable Rates:
-> Calls: Airtel to Airtel calls 40k/sec
-> Airtel to other networks within Nigeria. 40k/sec
-> Int?l calls ( USA, Canada, China, India and UK Landline). 40k/sec
-> Other International destinations Zone Rates
-> FAF Calls (from the 1st minute). 12k/sec
-> Happy Hour calls (between 00.00 hrs & 04.30hrs). 12k/sec
SMS Applicable Rares:
-> On-net and Off-Net. N4
-> Int'l SMS. N15
-> FaF SMS. N1

How To Opt-in Or Migrate To The Airtel One Sim Plan, Action Code.
-> To opt in. Dial *337#
-> To access the options. Dial *337*1#
-> To add special number. Dial *337*2*phone-number#
-> To remove a special number. Dial *337*3*phone-number#
-> To check already added numbers Dial *337*4#


How to Use The Awoof Mtn 6GB+ Any TimE You Like On PC And Android Phones

It seems like October is
really a great month, forthe
free browsing community.
Lot's of cheat, coming up
and I guess everyone is
happy. If you are not browsing free, try and be
part of it. The android users
are also at benefit this
period, lots of tricks cheats
and tweaks available for
them to browse. Their prayers has been answered,

Yesterday,I shared a post
on how to get MTN 6gb plus
with Just N100.

really Enjoyed it because It's
Perfectly Working even up to
the time Of Posting this
Tutorial but the the Problem
is taht the Given Tweak is not Working on Pc and
Phones which make it

Today, I will show you guys on
how to use the the GB any
time you like..
Now I have
discovered that the 30Gb
tweak can work with the
help of an app called "Simple server"…

Just follow the simple procedure
below and you are good to

» Please Don't edit the Simple
Server after downloading it,
Just Unzip it and Open
SimpleServer folder and
Minimize the simple Server
Configure Your Modem as Follow:
1.Configuration name:
1.Username: empty
1.password empty
after that Configure Your Mozilla Firefox as follows;
IP: || PORT: 8080

Android users
Download Simple Server
for android HERE:

» Goto your phone internet
settings Set your phone
access point to:
While IP: and Port:
Open the downloaded simple server and configure as follows:
» Proxy Host:

» Port: 8080

» Injection Method: get

» Injection Query/Url:

» Injection Host:

» Injection Line: Press the
enter key of your keypad 4

» Log level: Debug
Close and connect your data,
start browsing on your
Android with a 3GB data


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MTN 6GB+ code Reloaded

Make sure your sim is upto 1yr above accordin to my own perception,

migrate to mtn ipulse,

load any amount,

dial *131*5*1# once,

then sav this number on your contact *123*3*1*5*2#1 and keep dialling.
The more you dial it, the more GB you get.,

*Check your GB with

NOTE: you might be seing transaction failed but don't panic,just keep dialing the code or use another sim. But if you see "Thank you for using our service." just check your data...


Sunday, October 12, 2014


1. To get started you need to first of all
get into any of the packages.
Below are the various codes to opt in to
any of the packages;

*662*6*1*3# for jumia
*662*6*2*3# for hellofood
*662*6*3*3# for jovago *662*6*4*3# for
*662*6*5*3# for lamudi *662*6*6*1*3#
*662*6*6*2*3# easitaxi

*662*6*1*2# for jumia
*662*6*2*2# for hellofood
*662*6*3*2# for jovago *662*6*4*2# for
*662*6*5*2# for lamudi *662*6*6*1*2#
*662*6*6*2*2# easitaxi

*662*6*1*1# for jumia
*662*6*2*1# for hellofood
*662*6*3*1# for jovago *662*6*4*1# for
*662*6*5*1# for lamudi *662*6*6*1*1#
*662*6*6*2*1# easitaxi

On a successful subscription for any
of the package you will receive a
notification from MTN.

2. Username: vpnbook
Password: 8peRAmuq

>> Get the new Passwords and usernames

Please Adhere strictly or get it all messed
1. Download open vpn HERE:


HERE :*/0B4OXWWikHOS4dE9RMURzdUdhUVE?h=16653014193614665626&e=download

or if u already have then skip step

>> then iphone/ipad users can Click here:

2. After downloading the openvpn ,lunch

3. Now Download the below config file
>> HERE:

4. Copy the files to your SD card.

5. Set your APN to
Leave proxy and port blank or it won't

6. Launch OpenVPN for Android, and
import the configs by tapping the folder
icon located, lower right and browse your
SD card for where it
was saved (do this for all config

7.Select your desired server from the

8. Enter your username and
password, then hit the connect button.
NOTE= if u have the mtn musicplus
150mb u can use the below config file

>> HERE:

its gona work like mad

Hope this helps?
If you encounter any
difficulty in the setup, don't hesitate to let
Us know.

COMMING SOON : How to get openvpn
connect working on ur android
gingerbread phones.


How To Get MTN 6GB+

The below cheat is working as at the time of posting it.

Mtn free 6GB+ code....
**Be on Mtn ipulse
**Make sure you have upto N300 on your phone and not more than N300.
**Then dial*123*3*1*5*2#
**check with *123*3*4#

Happy weekend!

Friday, October 10, 2014


Am happy to anounce that etisalat has
finaly fall.
Today,am droping the etisalat
Fr33 browsing on all android user , I
have being using it abt a month ago ,xo
hv some bite.

1. Eti simcard
2. Android phone(must be rooted)
3. Then the appz am gona share below..

Pls adhere strictly!
1. Download YF android app HERE:

2. If you have'nt register for YF app , then
now is the time for it. Register Here:

3. Now proceed by downloading the
Android DNS changer HERE:

4. Now launch the DNS CHANGER
android app. And enter the
following configurations below:
Primary DNS:
Alternate DNS:
then Click on Set.

5. Minimize the DNS Changer app or you
can click on SET, leave
the DNS Changer that way then launch
the your-freedom android

6. Now on the Your-Freedom android
app, just look at the downside for
Configure and click on
Then Click on Account Information and
enter you-freedom account details u
created above i.e username and
Proceed furthur, by Clicking on
option enter any of the below as ur ip
Note: You may also use the WIZARD
option to find a suitable server
best for your location.
Connection Mode: DNS
Port: 53 Tweaks: Nigeria Etisalat
Just Leave every other thing the way they
Here, you are to Click on Proxy Settings.
On the Proxy Address enter;
Proxy port: 8080

After performing the above
configuration, you are to go back
to the homepage and from there
Click on START CONNECTION and enjoy

NOTE: Now remember that YF app needs
upgrading to premium user to enjoy
24hrs full
browing while the ordinary members can
only browse on just 2hours a day.

>> if you are wise,the above tweaking can
work on other netwrk not just EtISalat.

>>droping Mtn unlimited browsing using

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Request For Your IMEI Number Now

Good morning to you all.
We all know that in order to enjoy your glo bis wella,you have to tweak your phone IMEI and i have noticed that many of you are still unable to get blackberry IMEI numbers..Below are some some listed BlackBerry IMEI numbers..


Indicate if you've used any please..

If you still need more,just drop your email address and specify the phone IMEI number you need.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How To Tweak Your IMEI & Get 1.5GB Every Month From Etisalat

I'm not going to make too much write up on this. I'm pretty sure changing the imei of your Android phone is not something that is new to each and everyone of us again… but tonight tutorial will take another dimension. Though this has been online for the past 5days and I just decided to keep mute to watch how long it will last before I unveil it here. All thanks to Mickey for this.

You are all aware that those in possession of the latest Infinix Zero are entitle to 500MB every months. I'm going to show you how to tweak your imei to be entitle to this 500MB too regardless of the kind of Android phone you are using so long you can tweak your imei.

Steps Involved
==>Generate your imei
==>Tweak your imei
==>Get your MB

How Can I Get 500MB + Extra 1GB Every Month From Etisalat?
==>The first thing we need here is the first 8 digits of the Infinix Zero IMEI which is 35585906
==>Remaining 7digits. You can put any 6 digits you like remaining the last digit. E.g 011227 making it looks like this 35585906011227x
==>To get the last digits, go to this site HERE
==>And click on IMEI Number Analyser
==>Enter the 14 digit IMEI and click on check, it will provide you with the last digit.
==>Copy it and tweak it to your MTK Android device. If you are new to tweaking IMEI, Click
or use the mobile uncle method.
==>Once your IMEI has been successfully changed, Send MID to 8186 and 500MB will be given to you.
Mind you, you'll be receiving this 500MB every month for good 12months.

Not all ooooo, still follow me carefully.
Once you've receive the 500MB, you can do the below:
==>Look for Tecno P3 IMEI, Tecno R7 IMEI, Tecno F7 or IMEI or Phantom Z IMEI, get the first 8digits of the IMEI and repeat the steps above for the Infinix Zero,
==>For Tecno F7 and R7 the first 8digits IMEI is 86115502 & For Nokia XL IMEI, the first 8digits is 35366506
==>Send DATA to 8186 and more MB will be given to you.

With this, you have no reason to complain of any data zapping. Take your straw and suck MB from Etisalat Data base while it last.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Hot:- GET 500MB ON ETISALAT For Free with 0.0 Naira

No much story. This stuff involves 3

1. Generating the IMEI
2. Flashing the IMEI
3. Getting your mb

Ok you guys know that etisalat gives
infinix zero users 500mb valid for one
month. So what we're doing here is to
make them think we're using infinix zero

IMEI is usually 15 digits so for this tweak
you'll need just the first 8 digits of the
imei (and this was provided by a friend)
The first 8 digits are 35585906. remains 7
digits right?
out of the 7 digits, you put any 6 digits
you like e.g 123456. This makes up 14
The last digit is crucial for the validity of
your tweaked IMEI. you don't just put
any digit. That's where this site comes in.
( digit calculator ) That last digit is called
the check digit and it is generaTed from
that site. whatever digit it displays is
your last digit. So after all the story, my
imei is
35585906123456X and x is the check digit.
When I checked it using that site, my X
turned out to be 3 so IMEI =

2. flash the imei on your mtk phone (or
any other phone that support changing
IMEI) For mtk phones, it's easy check

3. Get your 500mb. you do this by
sending MID to 8186
That's all.
Note: If u dnt knw hw to change Imei, i ll
advice u to learn it HERE:

Best Data Plan For All Blackberry10 Users

Majority of BlackBerry 10users make use
ofMTNchip on their device. You'll bear me
witness that Mtn bb10 data plan is expensive
e.g1.5GB goes for #3,000 while 500MB goes for
#1,500; knowing fully well that 500MB won't
carry you till the end of the month Judging by
this, it's actually expensive. It's not everybody
that loves Glo network so in this case, you
might not want to use Glo blackberry plan;
since it's normal Blackberry plan works on all
BB10 and it's the cheapest so far.

However, BB10is a prostitute device that
works with ordinary MTN data plan. Meaning
with or without Blackberry subscription,
normal data will work on it. Inshort, if you
have airtime on your phone, it works on all
Blackberry10 devices interms of browsing the
net. Instead of going for BB10 Data Plans On
MTN Network why not reconsider subscribing
with a Third Party Seller?
Since you can get
250MB for #400

500MB for #700
1.GB for #1,200
2GB for #2,100 etc
… and it works on all Blackberry10, powers all
your application with minimum data charge.
And if you are a Glo lover, you can go for glo
normal Blackberry Plan 3GB for #1,000.

Save yourself of money as well as data.
This is just my own opinion to all BB10 users.
Got a question? Ask me.

Airtel Launches New Plan - Always- on + Unlimited Internet

The Plan is called ALWAYS ON & is designed to
give you access to internet without breaking your
budget. At N5 for 1MB daily, this offer is not only
affordable but first of its kind. In other words, on
opting in to the Always On data plan, subscribers
are gifted 1MB on daily basis, at a rate of N5 per
day. Subsequent internet activity after the daily
1MB is exhausted attracts a pay-as-you-go billing
of 1 kobo per kilobyte – 1MB should amount to
about N10 in charges. So, essentially, you're
charged N5 for your first daily MB and then twice
that amount for every subsequent MB.

I can see why this plan makes sense, particularly
for the jeans & trousers internet users. Base on
cost of the data plan, at N5 per day is N150. For
that amount, at 1MB free daily, you get 30MB. For
someone who doesn't do much other than to share
text and imaged on WhatsApp, 30MB will actually
go a long way.

How Can I Opt-in to This Plan?
To activate the ALWAYS ON offer simply dial
*401# or send the keyword 'ON' to 401.

How Can I Opt-Out?
To opt out dial *401*1# or send the keyword 'OFF'
to 401
If you are a heavy internet user, take a bike and
run out of this thread because you don't need it
couple with your hungry looking data sapping apps,
policing on your device.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mtn Unlimited Browsing


1. Forward  the mtn number you wanna use for the cheat for appropriate activation....

2. Migrate to mtn ipulse by dialing *406# on d sim and send MAGIC tO 131(IGNORE ANY RESPONSE U GET).....

3. Transfer #205 to d sim..... Dont load nor use vtu to recharge......

4. dial *113# and you will be given 50MB for 24hrs....

5. But dont mind dem, jus stay connected online with your whatsapp, 2go or bbm or any app dat can keep you online for 25hrs without disconnecting, dont download anyting during dah 25hrs period....

6. After the 25hrs you can naw start downloading anyting you like and feel the speed....

This tweak works better on java and symbian phones..
Ignore and delete any msg sent to you concerning the mb and dont try to check your megabites...

Good Luck And Enjoy! ....

Glo Unlimited Free Browsing

Here is how this free browsing cheat for all Glo devices works.

Step 1: Migrate to Glo bounce or Glo Gbam by dialing *100*5*1# or *170*4# alternatively.

Step 2: Then Load #100 airtime and dial *127*51#

Final Step: Here is the trick, Once you have proceeded the above steps, then connect your Glo line on your device without disconnection. If you're an Android user, don't turn off your data, for symbian users, keep connected with your whatsapp then move to your browser and start flexing, same thing goes to java users.
If you're a PC user, then keep your system connected and browse unlimited without disconnection.


Etisalat Unlimited Code Reloaded


1.SEND ME D ETISALAT NUMBER U WANNA USE FOR PROPER ACTIVATION AND ALSO Get your sim on easycliq so that you recieve free mb when you recharge.

2.Recharge N100, they give you 5mb or 10mb depending.

3.Start your browsing, preferably downloading.

4.They usually reset the connection at 55mins, so ur download will most likely stop at that time.

5.Just disconnect, dial*229*0#,
followed by*229*5*7#and reconnect.

6.After another 55mins, do the same again.

This can be used for days with the initial N100 still intact.

Your free 10mb will be reduced to 0.48mb and that will reduce by 10kb after each cycle.

The trick here is to AVOID HTTP://YOUTUBE.COM

When you load that site, even by mistake, the mb will dissapear and your credit will start reading.

Good luck.