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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


A sincere apology to all my iPhone/iPad users for concentrating more on Android and
Blackberry device for some time now. Changing IMEI is no longer breaking news
as it allows you to tweak your IMEI to Blackberry IMEI. However, this tutorial will put your
through and how you can easily tweak your IMEI With ZiPhoneTool.

ZiPhone is capable of doing the below:
- Unlock and IMEI changer will work ONLY on 4.6 BL (112 and 113 ootb).

- Jailbreak will work on any OS version.

- Activation will work on any OS version, except for youtube on 1.0.X.


==>A Computer
==>ZiPhone Tool

==>Please Backup your device before trying this

How Can I Change My iPhone IMEI With ZiPhone?
All thanks goes to iClarified and Zibri for this extensive
==>Step 1: Download ZiPhone tool here
==>Step 2: Run and install it on your Computer
==>Step 3: Press the Windows key and R at the same time
to bring up the Run window. Type in cmd and press the Ok button to
launch the Command Prompt.

==>Step 4: Type the following command into the Command
Prompt to navigate to the ZiPhone directory: cd Desktop/ZiPhone

5: Execute the command ziphone to see all its possible uses.

==>Step 6: The program will prompt you to put your iPhone
into recovery mode. To do this please holds down both the Sleep/Wake and Power
buttons until you see the Apple logo. Once the Apple logo appears release only
the Sleep/Wake button until you see the iTunes logo and cable on the screen

==>Step 7: If you have a 4.6 BL iPhone you can now
activate, jailbreak, and unlock! Just simply type in this command:
ziphone -u -i a123456789012345

(Replace the numbers with the desired IMEI of your choice)

==>Step 8: The program will now search for zibri.dat.
Then it will search for the iPhone. Once found it will tell you to wait for 2
minutes and 30 seconds

After this time your iPhone will reboot and it will be
unlocked with the new IMEI.
Don’t forget to always generate your IMEI or request for one via the comment box.

How To Watch Live Matches With VLC Player On PC & Android

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. Vlc is Simple, fast and powerful media player that plays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Stream online movies, matches.

Vlc Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed: MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3. Runs on all platforms: Windows,Linux, Mac OS X, Unix… Completely Free, no spyware, no ads and no user tracking. Can do media conversion and streaming.

Do you know you can not only watch movies with Vlc player but also stream live matches and movies online?

Below are steps by steps approaches to enable you know how to stream live matches and watch movies online with Vlc player on your PC. And Android users can use MX player to stream and watch live matches.

How To Stream Live Matches With VLC Player On PC

Firstly, You need to have the latest Vlc player, You can download it Here

Launch Vlc player and configure for online streaming with the settings below:

Configure your VLC by opening tools>>preference>>input/codecs. Scroll down to HTTP proxy url and input

To prevent Buffering while streaming, You would be sacrificing quality for speed:

Goto tools>>preference>>input/codecs then look for “skip H.264 in loop deblocking filter” and select all.

Click on save.

sky sport 1 – 5 and BTsport 1-2. Shows all football matches

Sky Sports 1

Sky Sports 2

Sky Sports 3

Sky Sports 4

Sky Sports 5



To watch over 20 live channels download the txt file Here and copy and paste the channel links inside the Vlc channel Url.

For More updated channel lists vist

Now press Ctrl + N to open the network stream then paste the channel URL.

Click on Play to start streaming live. Now sit back,Relax and enjoy

See Screenshots Below:

Have Fun!!

How To Stream Live Matches With MX Player On Android

Simply download MX Player from Play store Here

Open your MX player,press option and goto network stream. Input the channel URL in the URL box.



NOTE: This trick works with all network connections and cheats. just always configure your Vlc player with the right settings.

How to Watch Live Football Matches and Tv programs on android Phones andTablets

This is the best android app I can always count on when it comes to streaming Live football matches, Live wrestling matches, Live News programs, Live Movie channels, Live events and sundry.

The credits goes to kinzloaded for this info.

This App impressed me to the point that I stopped missing to watch Dstv because the dstv mobile decoder cannot even offer me what this great App is offering me now. not to mention about the other alternative apps like the spb tv, netflix Apps that I removed after I installed sybla tv.

The fact remains that, I don¡¯t only watch live matches with this App but also gets update on the time the live broadcast will start coupled with thousand of other channels available at all time for free.

Benefits of the Sybla Tv Application
There are so many good stuffs about the sybla tv app which I have already pointed out at the beginning of this post, I will personally like to list few more features of the app that will definitely wow you;

>> It has no advanced configuration procedures making it very easy for any one to download and use The Football Matches and Movies shows in full screen

>> It informs you of the time and languages the match will be broadcasted in

>> It is available for free and has no pro-version

>> It is very light and so will work easily with all android devices

>> The app displays the tv unlike other ones that uses your browser
It currently has no memory bug and as such causes no lagging, freezing or error in low end devices

How to Download and Install the sybla Tv Application

As stated above the app do not need you to be an expert before enjoying it, all you will need is the following simple steps to start enjoying the sybla tv android application.

1] Go to settings from your home screen

2] Locate Applications click on it and Enable the option to install non-market apps
Download sybla tv from their website

3] Install and follow the on-screen guide to start enjoying live tv on your android smartphone and devices

Hope it helps......please use the share button below this post to share this information with your friends using Android phones.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

How to Make Your OperaMini SuperFast(New Method)

Are you feeling bored with low speed on ur opera?
Don't be left behind cos right now am enjoying x10 speed than before + turbo mode activated.

follow below steps to make opera as high-speed

1. Open config: in Url Tab by typing in dis :

- under config click “Loading time out” change it to “3600″

- change “Site patches and user – agent masking” as “No”

-Now Click “Phone Number Length”
Change it To 9 .

2. Finally Save This Settings .

3. Enable turbo mode by clicking HERE

Now Check Speed And drop comment below ,make sure your 3g network is Enabled oo…


How to Increase Whatsapp Validity Upto 2020

We all knw that Whatsapp’s terms & conditions
they providing every users 1 year free validity for using Whatsapp and to do Chat absolutely FREE..

When Before Whatsapp is not
bought byFacebook they increases validity upto 1 more year without any cost. But after Facebook buys Whatsapp ,Users Have to Pay Around 1$ per
Year after free Period. Here We are Providing a Trick to Increase Whatsapp Validity upto 2020 Without of Any Cost


- You Must Have an IPhone or borrow from ur frnd.

- Delete Your Whatsapp Account
From Android Device.

- Then Uninstall Whatsapp From

- Take a IPhone and Do Register Your Whatspp Number and Varify It. [ Which You Deleted on Your
Android ]

- Register Again The
Same Number On Android Device and Thats It..

How To Hack A Wifi Password With Your Android Phones

Hello Guys , I Search All over Wi-fi Hacking Tool, Now I Find A Wifi Hacking Trick For Android Users. You Can Hack Wpa Wps Wifi Network With This Trick, This Work For Lucky Users

Follow These Simple Steps -
1- First Of All You Need To Download Wifi Wpa Wps Tester On Your Android Device..

2- Then Switch On Your Wifi Network And Scan For Available Wpa/Wps Wifi Network.

3- As Soon As You Notice Available Wifi Network Then Open “Wifi Wpa Wps Tester” App.

4- Now You Need To Click On Green Colour Refresh Button And It Will Show You All Available Networks There.

5- Now Just Click On [Green Colour Locked Key Locker] Symbol And Click On Try To Connect Network Option.

6- Now It Will Show You Some Thing Like This:


7- Now You Can See Password Of That Wifi In The Above Given Code, Which Is Coated Just Infront Of The Text Psk.

8- For Ex: In The Above Case The Password Of The Wifi Network is password.

Yipeee! You Are Done! You Have Hacked Wifi Network Sucessfully…..

Drop Your Comments

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Enter To Get Mtn 60GB Plus

Tweaks your phone with thiz imei =>

lease if you have already purchase the infinix
note, don’t forget the easiest method of
changing your imei even without rooting.
Just tweak this IMEI
Just change the last 2 or 3 digits and you are
good to go.
==>Send INFINIX TO 131

==>Dial *559*4# to check your data.

If you don't know how to tweak Imei
check HERE

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MTN BIS On Android & PC Back & Better

Mtn BIS on android and PC might have been
blocked but its still working for some people
with a circumcised sim. Though sim selective, I
don’t know why but there is something more
better than that. If you are a typical or heavy
downloader, and you really want to download
heavy files, or you intend to use Mtn blackberry
plan on your Android or PC, then you need to
read on.
MTN BBMIDID still rock so well on Android or
PC. You won’t have any problem with this so
long you’ve use Simple server server before. As
I am talking to you, I have downloaded 1.8GB
file on the internet and I’m still testing it.
Though they sent me a message that this
package is just 15MB but I doubt… and I like
this kind of doubt because it is a profitable

How Can I Get MTN BBMID Working ON Android
And PC?
==>Load your mtn sim with N100

==>Send BBMIDID to 21600
You’ll receive a message welcoming you to MTN
BBMIDID and your have 15MB . Just ignore it.
Your simple server settings still maintain no change. Same thing goes
for Android users and PC users.

Don’t wait to be told, download all you can
download in Gb’s. I am still downloading!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Get 10 Terrabytes(10,000GB) of Data For N1,000

I don't know if Visafoneis trying to break the internet or they are
trying to dust Glo and other Blackberry plans out of market with their
excessive, ridiculous but cheap data plan.

Do you know you can get 10,000 gigabytes for justN1,000? Yes! That is
what their blackberry plan offers. Actually this is a temptation I am
willing to fall into and I know I won't regret falling cheaply for
this temptation because I am a heavy internet user.
I was reading through a forum when I stumble on this post, though I
had seen it on Nairaland but never willing to give it a shot, now my
eyes are clearer and I need to do something about it.
According to what the writer on the post said, that you must get a
blackberry device from them, andonly legacyBlackBerry OS 7.1devices
are available, specifically9930 Bold,Curve 9370, andCurve 9310
You too look at it, this way, imagine you having unlimited 10,000
Gigabytesof data available at your disposal, this will make business
easier. You can tether to it to all your device including PC, live
stream and do what a normal internet user will do
This is what Visafone Blackberry complete offers you. Will you rock this plan?

MTN BIS on Android is now Blocked

MTN decided to do the undoable by intentionally privatizing MTN Bis.
Though it has served the public and most especially Android and PC
users for quite some time now… I enjoyed this specific benefit of
unlimited download and life streaming with MTN daily Bis before it was

Now that its blocked, what is the way forward?
To all the imei tweakers, etisalat 500MB (359750050124581)is still
rocking, MTN 250MB(868988012059407) is still rocking and Airtel 2GB is
still working. Not all likes to tweak so for those gentle looking
Android & PC users, read further.

Don't subscribe to MTN Bis on your device because it will just be a
waste of money. You can go with MTN third party data reseller…If you
have a good Glo network reception in your location, you can use Glo
Bis instead of MTN. Or better still Etisalat
goes for #700, 1GB goes for #1,300.
Pending till when it will be open again.
Those who are still on Eti PayG, it still rocks like mad…
Meanwhile, keep warming up for Infinix hot note IMEI… About to be
unleash in grand style (1.5GB no be Moi Moi)

WhatsApp Voice Calling Now Open to All Android

WhatsApp appears to have opened its
voice calling feature to all Android users,
with the invite window now open for
several hours. The world's most popular
messaging app has been gradually rolling
out this feature by opening the invite
window only for a few hours at a time.
This time however, WhatsApp may have
opened the floodgates, reports Android

The report says that many people have
been receiving the WhatsApp calling
feature on their Android smartphones.

To activate the feature, all you need is
the latest version (v2.11.561) of
(via APKMirror
and a
WhatsApp call from someone who
already has the feature. After you get the
call, you will see WhatsApp's interface
switch from just showing recent chats to
three tabs – calls, chats and contacts.

This move appears to have come on the
back of another milestone for WhatsApp
- over 1 billion installs via Google Play.

The app's Google Play page now shows
that it has between 1 billion and 5 billion
installs. These numbers of course don't
reveal the actual number of WhatsApp
users because anyone who installed the
app once is counted in this number. The
number isn't reduced if the person
proceeds to delete the app. Even then,
the number shows just how popular the
messaging app is.
Earlier, the voice calling feature was
rolled out to some users, but the invite
window was closed before most people
could get the feature.
WhatsApp still has
not announced the voice calling feature
officially on its website or the release
notes on Google Play. WhatsApp for
iPhone still doesn't have this feature
even though a voice calling button
appeared in the app some time ago.

Having established itself as the world's
most popular messaging app with over
700 million monthly active users,
WhatsApp seems to be augmenting its
offering by adding features available in
competing messaging apps. WhatsApp
for Android users also recently got a
Web version that works well. Both these
features have been available for some
time with competing messaging apps
such as iMessage (calling via FaceTime),
Line, Viber, among others.

How To Unblock Sim Card Without Puk Number

Today also I Will Tell You How To Unblock A Sim Card Without Puk. Its
Very Simple And Easy Method.

Follow These Below Lines and strictly adhere to them for better results

■ First Of All Grab ur mobile phone

■ After That Put The Blocked Sim Card In The Phone..

■ Then Switch off The Phone For Two Minutes, And Remove The Sim From Phone..

■ After That Put Back The Sim Again, Then Switch On The Phone..

■ After That Enter This Secret Code*22233421#Its All Then Press A New
Pin As You Wish Like – *121# Etc..


How To Unblock Yourself From Someone’s Whatsapp Account

Today, I Am Going To Post How To Unblock Yourself From Someone's
Whatsapp Account When Someone Blocked You, But Now You Can Unblock
Yourself And See His/ Her Profile Picture, Last Seen, Status And Able
To Send Message OR Chat With Who Blocked You.

Follow These Below Steps

1- Firstly Check If Your Friend's Profile Picture or Last Seen or
Whatsapp Status Are Visible To You or Not, And If Not Then You Are

2- First Open Your Whatsapp Messenger

3- Goto Settings Then Click On Account

4- Now Click On Delete My Account

5- Enter Your Mobile Number And Delete Your Account

6- Now Uninstall Whatsapp From Your Mobile

7- Restart Your Mobile

8- Fill Your Mobile Number And Other Details

9- Now You Are Unblocked From Your Friend's Whatsapp Account.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

HowTo Get Mtn 100Gb Plus




generate new imei from that by changing the last 5, 4, 3 2, numbers…
and send

GET 3GB and above FREE!

Few Working Tweaks and Active Imei On All Networks

It's not only the first cheat on this blog that's must be working at a
particular time, and not all cheats except imei tweaking and the
unlimited plans have lasts up to a month so this post is highly
important to you all just to know the things you left behind that are
still working fine. This is an all in one post, just scroll down to
your network, look for the working cheat for yourself, then you're
good to go.

NOTE: there is no such thing as generating a fresh and unused imei,
all we do is to follow a roll eg if the last Imei that worked for me
is 869878000165888
then my next one to be used will be 869878000165889.
If you're getting an invalid imei response here are the things you need to do.

==>Wait till you get a message from then before sending your own
message eg MID to 8186

==>use the imei analyzer application from play store to get a valid
imei or visit

==>keep changing your imei

MTN: None of the imei tweaking cheats on MTN has been blocked so far,
and it blazing faster , but it's getting harder as the day goes by,
just to get an unused imei .
below are the available imei you can tweak to give you you deserved Megabyte.

MTN BIS On Android
MTN Bis has been rocking flawlessly,.even MTN haven't dream of
stopping it and I strongly recommend the daily bis of #100 since it's
unlimited on android and Pc.

For 250MB
just change the last three digit then Send
MIFI to 131.
you can change the last six or five digits then you send
NOKIA to 131

Free 60MB
The free 60 megabyte via the same imei tweaking, is on where near
being blocked, you all must be thinking that it's too small but it can
go a long way.
Here is the imei 864981012730533
after tweaking send the keyword
NOKIA to 131

ETISALAT: This one is getting harder seconds by seconds not as the day
goes by anymore.
Here are the few ones that are rocking flawlessly.

Double 500MB
I have two working and new imei but it's really getting harder every
seconds just like I said earlier on.
Here is the first IMEI which will earn you 500MB By texting
NOKIAX to 8186
and here is the second to earn you another 500MB which sum up to 1GB by texting
MID to 8186

working on Android and pc
This one is very fast but it needs a smart user in order word you have
to be smart.
>migrate to easycliq
>you will be Given free megabytes when you recharge or subscribe to a plan by dialing *229*5*7#
after you must have been given free 5 or 10MB
>start browsing for just 55minutes the disconnect or switch off your device.
>Repeat the step above to resume your browsing your #100 will still be intact but your 10MB will be deducted to 0.48MB

AIRTEL: You can tweak your imei to enjoy the following on airtel:-
This tweak is still blazing hot and fast you can top it to the amount
you want but you need a special number like the burial date of your
great grandfather to make it work.
Just make use of this imei
just send
3G to 141
after a successful tweaking

Some people don't love this particular one, believing it's too small
especially the MTN 60MB but I will only post it here the it's your
choice to you use it or not.
Here are the imeis we're going to make use of
text SMART to 141

text 3G to 141

Glo : You can get a cheap data of 3GB with just #1000 (blackberry sub)
by tweaking you imei.
You don't guess imei on this one you generate it.


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best 20 Sites To Download Free Latest Hollywood, Nollywood & Hindi Movies For Your Mobile Device

What I'm about to share with you is for addicted, die hard movie
lovers. I'm talking about those who can naturally forget to eat when
they are watching movies. If you are not a movie lover, don't even
border to read further.

I'm going to be listing best sites where you can download Nollywood,
Hollywood, bollywood movies for your mobile and tablets for free in
avi, 3gp, Mp4, mkv formats. Relax so long you are downloading it on
mobile, it won't consume much mb but you'll need a larger memory card
to store after download.

Where Can I Download Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood Free Movies?
I'll first of all list the first 5 and every other one will follow

==> I'll personally recommend this as theyhave over
10thoudsand Hollywood and hindi movies and you can check for movies
alhapetically. They all upload movies on the week of release

==> All those who love hindi movies, this is the best
site for you to download your hindi movies for free.

==> Great site for free mobile movie download
specifically for Android and Apple products such as iPhone, iPod,
iPad, iTouch users so if you are looking for amazing updated movies
for your mobile device listed above then you can download from this

==> This is another mobile downloading site for HD
movies only in lower size. You can visit their to download great

Others includes;

Their are some other available ones but you can just explore the once
above and see what they've got to offer you for free.

How to Root Infinix HotNote X551 Plus Change Its IMEI

Features :

Dimensions156 x 77 x 8.9 mm, 172
TypeIPS, capacitive, touchscreen with 16,000,000 colorsSize5.5 inches,
720 x 1280 pixels, 267 pixels per inch
Internal Memory And OS
Card slotMicroSD, up to 32GB
Internal 16GB
OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat Processors1.4GHz octa-core Cortex-A7 CPU,
MediaTek MT6592
Primary8MP, Secondary2MP up to 1600 x 1200-pixel pictures
Capacity4000mAh Li-Ion batteryStand-byTalk timeMusic play
Pre-order Prize: N23,500
Not just that but also supported by MTN with free 2015MB… I guess you
know what that means… *side eyes*

==> Before installing this app first ensure that you have allowed
third party installations in your device, you can check this option by
your device setting.
Go To Setting > Security > and there you can tick the "Unknown sources" box.

==>Download KingRoot here:

==>Run and install it on your device. Though its half chinese but
don't worry, I'll only help you to learn a bit of Chinese language

==>After successful installation, start the application and wait for
Kingroot to fully analyze your device. after a few seconds you will
see the main window, the Chinese language

==>Click the Big Green Circle on your device that says Rootand wait
for a few minutes (make sure you have a good internet connection).

==>After a few minutes, you should see a tick mark in a green circle
and the blue horizontal bar below the green circle, which means that
your device has been successfully rooted with the help of Kingroot.
The king user app will be installed for super user access.

==>To verify your root priviledges, go to playstore and download
rootchecker>>>Install and run it and you should get a success message
after then.

How Can I Change My Infinix Hot Note X551 IMEI?

==>Mtk Engineering mode (mtk)
==>Blackberry IMEI (download this Blacckberry IMEI generator software
on your Smartphone here: )

How Can I Change my New Infinix Hot IMEI
==>First of all generate your 15 digit Blackberry IMEI

==>Go to playstore and download Engineering mode(mtk) here:

==> Open engineering mode> >Click on Engineer Mode (MTK)>>Swipe left
to Connectivity >>>click on CDS Information > Radio Information

==>Click on phone 1. If you want to change your sim1 or sim2, follow this guide:

For Phone 1:
"AT EGMR=1,7,"YOUR NEW IMEI NO"(make sure you space AT EGMR)

For Phone 2:

==>Press the "Send At Command".
You should receive a message that your 'AT command sent'

==>Reboot your device and dial *#06# to view your new IMEI


How To Resume All Download Failed Files With UC Browser

Now you can Resume Your Corrupted Downloading
Files Easily On Your UC
thanks to who discovered this trick.

That Moment When Your
Downloding File Stopped At 98%…..

Is Your Download
Corrupted At The Final
Moment?? And Not Able To Resume It?? Don't Worry, I Have Solution For
Each & Every Problem Of Yours.

How To Resume
Corrupted Download:
1. First Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > Then
Find Your Downloading
File And .tmp File Just
Below Your Downloading File. Eg: Im Downloading
Asphalt 8 Airborn Game And It Corrupts At 53%.
So Now I Need To Goto
File Manager > UC
Downloads > And I Have To File Named
Asphalt 8 Airborn.apk
And Asphalt 8 Airborn.
apk.tmp Files.

2. Now We Have To Move Those Files From UC Downloads Folder To Any Other Folder.

3. Then Again We Need
To Open UC Browser App And We Have To Delete Asphalt 8 Airborn.apk
File From Downloading

4. Now We Have To
Download Same File
Again From The Same
Link For A Minimum Of 2-5% And Pause It.

5. Then Again Goto File Manager > UC Downloads > Now Delete Those Two
Files. [Downloading File & .Tmp File]

6. Now Goto Folder Where You Moved First Two Downloading Files And
Move Them Back To UC
Downloads Folder.

7. Now Open UC Browser App Again And Goto Download Manager And
Resume Your Download.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Simple Way To Get Free 250MB Plus On Your Mtn Sim

While some here are working, some are reading, some are texting and
some are thinking of tweaking… Tweak it but don't cheat them.

Here is another MTN Imei that will give you 250MB atleast to those who
don't really have much MB left. It will go a long way in saving you
out of data. Kudos to the guy that sent this to me.

How Can I Get Free 250MB?
==>Tweak this IMEI
and generate your own changing the last 3 digits

==>After tweaking, send
to 131
250MBwill be given to you.

You can't do this thing more than once on a sim… to do more, you need more sims.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Check Your Phone Number On Any Network

There are two major way to check your phone number in all network.

Either you call your customer care or you use the USSD method to check
your phone number.
But I will be sharing with you all a simple way to check your number
without Without waiting in a queue for hours on the customer care

Which is the ussd method I believe not all of us are familiar with this method.

Have you been dying to collect a friend's number? you can use this
codes to check the number on their phone.
Scroll to your network below, look for the code to check your number,
then apply it then your number will be staring at you.

MTN: to check any mtn number with code, simply dial
*123#, then an option will come,select 1, then another option will
popup, select 1 again and the number of that SIM will display

AIRTEL: to check your AIRTEL number simply dial *121#,.then reply the message
with 1, another message will come,reply it with 5 also, and the number
will display

GLO: To do this on your glo line dial *135*8# and the number will
display instantly

ETISALAT: dial *248# and the number will display immediately.

Any comments? move down to post your

Airtel Ucweb/Ucbrowser Handler Downloading Tweak

Today we'll talk about airtel cheat on ucweb.
Most of the free browsing tweaks have expired and they no longer works
which's why they don't give any mb data when tried.

Note: Cheats posted over 15-20 days ago are likely not to work.

Well the days of cheats draught are over as the new ones i've been
working on are ok and good to go now.
If this one doesn't work well for you don't worry,i will releasing
another tweak.

This tweak requires you to download a particular version of uc
browser(uc handler).

You need to follow it closely for it to work well for you.

Set Up Your Phone with the settings below:

This Proxy

Port: 80


Username & password: internet


NOTE: Symbian users should create new
point with the above settings.

Both Symbian and
Java users should download
Now open the UCweb and input below


Host: |


Tested and confirmed working on Java
Symbian phones.

If you use Java Phones, Try to
create your Prov with the above settings.
After doing the above settings,simply launch your ucweb and start surfing!

How To Get GLO Unlimited Credit

I don't know when they're going to block this one, but with all that
am seeing it will be blocked before 12:00 noon today, if not any
moment from now but as the time of posting this am currently having
382,982.00 on my line.

It's a shame I didn't bring it at once when I got the info., but I
have to test it first, just to make sure that what am bringing to you
all is genuine.

How to Get Your Own Free Credit
*170*3# repeatedly to get Your own free bonus
airtime to call all network.
The call rate is
migrate to Glo bounce if it didn't work for your sim
If it's still not working then change your SIM.


Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Cheapest Tarrif Plan on MTN Network

I always say that anytime you pay heavily for calls to same network or
other network, it is as
in that even mobile village will not forgive you for…

Why will you pay heavily on calls when you can simply apply mobile wisdom?
Have you ever wondered if its possible to make calls@1k per seconds?Or
you have been wondering if its possible to make35min calls with N100…

I'm glad to inform you that its very much possible.
I'm going to quickly review one of the cheapest tariff plan
onMTNnetwork calledMTN Zone.
MTN Zoneis an exciting tariff plan with huge discounts onMTN-to-MTNlocal calls.
MTN Zoneis a cost-effective plan that offersMTN Prepaid customers up
to 99% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls!

MTN Zone allows you to enjoy huge savings when making calls and
charges you just as low as1 kobo per secondwhen makingMTN-to-MTNlocal
calls depending on the area and time of the day.

Do you know that …
===>You enjoy discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec on
MTN zone… Do the maths..1k/sec x 60min= #36

==>You enjoy access to all MTN value added services

==>You enjoy happy hour

How to Migrate to MTN Zone?
Migration is free and easy: simply dial
from your MTN handset to migrate and start saving today!
This short codes will help you

Registration: *135*1# send
Registration status: *135# send
Deregistration: *135*9# send
Information: *135*2# send
Applicable tariffs: *135*3# send
Cell broadcast set-up information: *135*4# send
Zone Help: *135*5# send
Notification off: 135*6# send
Notification on: *135*7# send
Information: *135*8# send

==>But I'm being charged 40k/sec on MTN zone

Ans: Whenever you want to make calls on MTN Zone tariff, simply switch
your mobile network to 3G only.

You must have 3G network in your area to enjoy extremely low tariff on MTN zone.
Tested & Trusted!

Note: if you wish to call other network at d same rate, use diz #555
at end of d number, e.g if u wanna call GLo line, just add
you will be charge the same rate with mtn to mtn.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Simple Trick To Activate The Newest Etisalat Free 1GB Data Bundle

How To Get More Than 1GB On Your Etisalat Simcards Freely

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get from a friend in
order to enjoy dis offer

==>Here is the imei i will be using….


I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 10 or 11 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at
tweak it into your phone and restart or activate and deactivate flight mode.

==>After successful tweaking, dial*917*2#then in SMS format text
NOKIAX to 8186…
Immediately you will get your 1GB smilling at you….

On 2/16/15, akaogorgift <> wrote:
> Requirement-
> 1. Rooted phone
> Procedures
> 1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage
> not phone.
> 2. Download App Mrg below
> 3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.
> 4. Now download Gemini app below
> 5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.
> That's all.

Airtel Rebranded 2in1 Free Gigabytes Tweak

How To Get More Than 5GB On Your Airtel Simcards Freely

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get from a friend in
order to enjoy dis offer

==>Here is the imei will be using….
They are in two places…
for 5GB

for 2GB

I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 11 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it
into your phone and restart or activate and deactivate flight mode.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
3G to 141…


On 2/16/15, akaogorgift <> wrote:
> Requirement-
> 1. Rooted phone
> Procedures
> 1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage
> not phone.
> 2. Download App Mrg below
> 3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.
> 4. Now download Gemini app below
> 5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.
> That's all.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Etisalat Simpleserver trick

No much stories, etisalat is crazily
rocking on simple server… I know etisalat
tweak doesn’t last but this one has been
rocking since yesterday. Kudos to the
discoverer of this.

Atleast with this, you can download
whatever you want or can think before it
will be hijacked by uncoded eti staffs.
But might be very slow in surfing; but
best in downloading.
Just edit your simple server to what is

LHOST = ''
PHOST = ''
KEEP = ''
PPORT = 80
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR1 = ''
VALHDR2 = ''
VALHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR2 = ''
CUSHDR3 = ''
CUSHDR1 = ''
SBUFF = 1024

Mind you, this is not a bb plan, it doesn’t
require any airtime or mb.. just Connect,
surf and keep downloading until you are
tired of downloading.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Will You Be Responsible & Stop Tweaking Your IMEI

I was reading through a particular thread
on Nairaland this afternoon and I stumble
where someone wrote a an epistle to
Nigerians titled: "Be a responsible data
User, avoid cheat and tweak" . I sat down
and thought for a moment, and came to
conclusions that..

==>Android Operating system consumes
more data than normal operating
system… No doubt. But this alone should
pose a question to our telecom provider
that there should be a cheaper Android
data plan instead of selling data to
Android users at an exorbitant price.
Imagine Airtel BIS Plan that was newly
upgraded goes for N1,400 (3GB) but this
same Airtel Network charges Android plan
2GB for 2K which won't even last you
upto two weeks.

The question is… Is it my fault that
Android OS consumes more data that
every other OS? Why will a typical Glo bb
user get data subscription for 1k (3GB)
and a typical Android user get 2k
(2.5GB )?

==>What we call cheat is not cheat, it is
simply correct application of knowledge.
How do you expect me to go for a data
bundle 4.5GB at the rate of N2,500 when I
know quite alright that I can simply
customize my smartphone IMEI and get
6GB for 2K in less than 5min. if you are in
my shoe, won't you do the same?

==>Mr president said, "stealing is not
corruption" … and therefore I said,
tweaking imei is not corruption… It is
simply an easy way of making data usage
easier for the common man. Can you
imagine, I was reading through a tech
news in one of the popular website, and I
discover that Airtel Kenya gives 18GB for
N2,650 … Please Airtel NG, is this normal?
And you expect us to manage 2GB for
N2,000? Why can't they just be fair in
data dealings to all smartphone
operating system in NG.

==>If data sellers are no longer making
headway, they should look for something
else to do. After all MTN started this by
limiting data share to just 10 person for
data resellers. Now, most Chinco Android
smartphone manufacturer see's Nigeria
as a dumping ground for duals sim
Android phones; thereby partnering with
our telecom to give free 500MB for
12months if that particular device is
patronize… is this fare justice?
All we want is cheap data usage on All
android & iPhone device. But mind you,
tweaking continues. My name is
and I'll tweak until I get result.
And to you reading this right now, why
don't you stop imei tweaking and go for
the normal legal data plan?

Monday, February 16, 2015

How to Boot Stubborn Android Devices Into Recovery Mode

I’ll be very quick on this, because I know
there are lots of Android users that
doesn’t know how to boot into recovery
mode. If the conventional method of
booting into recovery mode doesn’t work
out for you, then one of the below will
surely work out well for you.

The truth is every new Android powered
tablet / smartphone device is normally
installed with a stock recovery image.
The tool can be used by those who want
to perform update operations, backup
procedures and maintenance and
optimization tasks. Well, if you want to
obtain even more from your phone, of if
you want to tweak its performances, then
you can anytime replace the stock
recovery with a custom recovery image,
like CWM recovery or TWRP recovery . Of
course for the custom tools you will have
to root your device first.

You boot into recovery mode, if you want
to do the following...

==>Factory reset or system update your
==>Load your boot.img or update it from
SD Card
==>Update your system image or restore
your back up from SD card.
==>Or perhaps if your device over
misbehave and the only option you have
left is to take it back to genesis.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Stubborn
Android Devices

Usually you can boot into recovery mode
==>Turn off you device.
==>Then, reboot by pressing the Power
and Volume Up buttons simultaneously.
==>Keep the buttons pressed for a short
while – a few seconds – and then
release the same.
==>The recovery mode menu should be
==>Note: on Samsung branded devices
the recovery mode can be entered by
pressing the Power, Volume Up and
Home buttons at the same time.
But, if the above method didn’t work out
well for you, you can try the below.

Method 1
1. You need to download an app on
your smartphone.
2. So go to Google Play and download
the Quick Boot tool; use the link
from here for accessing the app.
3. Install the app on your phone /
4. Run the same.
5. You will be able to choose from:
Recovery, Reboot, Bootloader and
Power Off.
6. Choose Recovery.
7. Your device will reboot into
recovery mode.

Method 2
1. On this method you will have to
use ADB, so the Android SDK and
Fastboot must be installed on your
2. After installing the required tools
(the one mentioned above) connect
your device with the computer.
3. Use the USB cable for establishing
the connection.
4. Then, on your computer navigate
to the folder where Fastboot and
Android SDK is installed.
5. There open a Command Prompt
6. For cmd: press Shift key on your
PC + Right-click anywhere in the
folder and choose “Open Command
7. Then, in the cmd window enter:
“adb reboot recovery”.
8. Your smartphone / tablet will be
automatically rebooted into recovery
That’s it with recovery mode, let me take
my seat while I sip my tea waiting for
your questions.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


1. Rooted phone


1. Goto settings, set your default installation storage to external storage not phone.

2. Download App Mrg below

3. Install apk mgr and use it to uninstall inbuilt apps that you don't need.

4. Now download Gemini app below

5. Use it to move all apps to SD card only.

That's all.

MTN 3GB Plus IMEI Tweaking

At this point OF time, you need to take a break
from data subscription if you haven’t most
especially to all MTK Android users .

Today I’m going to show you how to get 3GB
Data For Free on ur MTN Sim.

How Do I Get Morethan 3GB Data on MTN?
==>The moment you tweak the first IMEI and
you’ll notice that you are given 3GB , tweak
your IMEI on that same device again, and
resend the code MIFI to 131 and another 3GB
will be given to you with ease.

==> 35410303987531
Analyse it with IMEI info>>>Remember the
first 9digits are legit.

Send MIFI to 131 and your account will be
topped up with 3GB .
Do it again and again until you’ve accumulated
enough data for your consumption. Don’t dull

If you need working imei kindly drop your
comments now.

Monday, February 9, 2015

How To Increase Your MTN Megabytes Into Gigabytes

At this point in time, you need to take a
break from data subscription if you
haven't most especially to all MTK
Android users. If you can get 2GB free of
charge from Airtel NG, 1.5GB free of
charge from ETisalat, 250MB free of
charge from MTN via IMEI tweaking, then
why on earth will you make subscription
on your Android device?

Today I'm going to show you how to
accumulate those data into Gigs.

How Do I Accumulate MTN 250MB into
==>The moment you tweak the first IMEI
and you'll notice that you are given
250MB, tweak your IMEI on that same
device again, and resend the code Nokia
to 131 and another 250MB will be given
to you with ease.

==>I'm going to drop another new
Samsung MTN Imei that will give you
100MB, the more you tweak it the more
your MB increases.
Analyse it with IMEI info>>>Remember
the first 9digits are legit.
Send Samsung to 131 and your account
will be topped up with 100MB . Do it
again and again until you've
accumulated enough data for your
consumption. Don't dull yourself.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Get Free Whatsapp Subscribtion On Mtn For 6Months

I know most of us are still rocking the mtn 8GB that was posted
earlier… If yes so keep rocking bur if no then your in for a long-thing

we are here again in anoda new dimension, dis
time we wanna let u knw how to get mtn free

==>If you don't have the an Andriod, you can get
from a friend to get this FREE 6MONTHS MTN

==>Here is the imei will be using 357360060659432
I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult
generating a valid imei.
You can copy the first 12 and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it into your phone and restart.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
FREE to 131 …

Dial *559*2# to check your free mb…


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

How To Get Airtel Free 200MB For 12months

I know this is not new at all… I just
decided to bring it up for those who are
currently clamping for MB’. You can
actually tweak your imeito get 200MB
from Airtel NG. Its like the normal way
and normal method of tweaking your imei
for that of Etisalat NG but it seems guys
have consumed the whole of Etisalat

How Do I Get Airtel 200MB
==>Make use of this IMEI 359005051

==>go to choose imei analyzer

==>Add 5 number of your choice then
imei analyzer will generate the check
digit for you.
Once you are done getting the imei, tweak
it to your phone. I guess everyone knows
how to do that

==>Then send SMART to 141 and 200MB
will be smiling at you.

Are you new to IMEI changing?
Follow this steps here

If it work for you, please don't use all the
imei, save the future generation.

How To activate Airtel Free 2GB


==>If you don't have the an andriod, you can get
from a friend to get this 2gb.

==>Here is the imei we will be using
869878000162957 I purposely posted the full
imei I used because, guys find it difficult
generating a valid imei.

You can copy the first 12
and generate others

==>Don't forget to generate the check digit at tweak it into your phone and restart.

==>After successful tweaking, in SMS format text
3G to 141

How To Tweak Your Phone Imei
Click HERE

That's all...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How To Get MTN 6GB Plus

Happy New Month guys!

STEP 1: Get a new sim and migrate to true talk by
dialling *400#

STEP 2 : Do The Mtn Imei Twerking on it Using dis
Mtn Nokia Imei Dat Offers Free 250mb @
After tweaking it,
restart Your phone or switch to Airplane Mode for
Then Send NOKIA to 131

STEP 3 : After You have been granted the 250mb,
dial *559# and see d magic….

NOTE : The more You twerk Your imei, the more
your mb accumulates….
With this tweaking,you can get up to 2GB and above….

Saturday, January 31, 2015

How To Reset Pattern Lock Or Password Lock On Android Without Factory Restore

Download an app called "Aroma File manager" from
the Link below.
Download Here

1. Copy Aroma File to your
memory card.

2. Open your recovery (press volume Down +
Power button or it can be different in some
other Device : ( if it doesn't work, Use Google
to get your device info)

3. There lwill be an option in recovery called
mount . Go to that option and then mount all
cache , system.etc.

4. Then select update and select apply update
from SD/external and select aroma file ( the file you downloaded. )

5. After Flashing or updating, the aroma file
manger will open. Use volume keys for up/
down and power button to select like your use
in recovery.

6. In aroma File manager , Go to menu , which
is located in bottom strip and then select

7. Go to bottom and select mount all partition
in startup then exit from aroma file manger.

8. Now after exit , re-update that aroma file
again and it will open again.
9. Go to data >> System.

Then find gesture.key (for pattern lock) and
password.key (for password lock) then long
touch on gesture.key or password.key and some
option will be prompted , choose delete and
delete that file and restart.
Done and enjoy :

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Browse free on your freedom with etisalat

Browse free on your freedom with etisalat
this configure settings:-
Port:- 6050
APN:- Etisalat

Serve Connection:- your freedom server:ems03.your-
Connection mode:- DNS
Port: 53
Tweaks :Nigeria etisalat

Now go back to proxy settings proxy address:
Now click on "START CONNECTION" .
When connected,open your 2go,whatsapp,br
owsers,etc and enjoy!